BUILD Q1 2019

Build Q1 2019 26 ince their inception in 2011, RAW Architecture have revived the idea of harmonic relationship between the craftsman, de- signer, people, and buildings as a whole. RAW projects such as Alfa Omega School and growth of OMAH Library have become the manifestation of this belief. At RAW Architecture, the firm create projects which strive for uniqueness and humble character of local material. The idea of RAW is that every building which has been developed wholeheartedly will create such a timeless, surreal, and mastery quality in its simplest form, simplest approach. Going into further detail about the process when working with a new client, Realrich begins by informing us of the approach the firm takes to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. “Dialogue with client is a priority. In order to gain the best input, we must be willing to listen and learn from them. Therefore, we will be open to each other, and the ongoing process of design could be working smoothly. We did not hide the truth from client, and we always aim for best delivery that demands report to be done perfectly for our client. “The sustained communication with client also important. I believe that client is our family too. We listen to them, provide them with best answer, and execute the project just like it is for our own family. In a sense, relation with client is as much important as the design we work on the studio.” When discussing what sets the firm apart from competitors within the industry, as well as how the firm are able to maintain their remarkable success, Realrich is keen to highlight the innovative solutions the team at RAW creates to achieve deliver on their clients’ project brief. “On general work, we redefine the complex architectural problem that found on daily basis and solve them in the simplest way possible. In other words, what we seek is not the flamboyance of architecture, rather what it needs to be solved and how to finish it effectively. On best choice, I believe that a house needs to reflect its owner. It has to resonate with the owner’s background, their history, and what is important to them as a person. I take it personally in responsibility of bringing those features out and make sure the concept fulfils the owner’s vision. “We always move from one project to another with fresh eye. If there is a possibility ongoing in site that we might work with, and better solution than the past project, it is something worth to learn from.” Creating a Timeless, Surreal, and Mastery Quality RAW Architecture is active on designing residential building which has interest on locality and craftsmanship to define architecture which is simple, humble, no pretension and has quality of transcendence. Recently, we profiled RAW Architecture and spoke to Realrich Sjarief who provided us with a detailed insight into the inner-workings of the successful firm. S Looking ahead to what the future holds, Realrich signs off by envisioning how the market will change over the next 12 months. In addition to this, he also reveals the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, espe- cially following their recent success in BUILD’s Global Excellence 2018. “There are two trends that we have observed in Indonesia market, especially big cities. First is smart system for a house, that give more advantage in control, energy efficiency, and sense of security for home owner. The second is prefabricated material such as gypsum board, glass alternative, and galvanized steel. Not only those are cheaper (in masses) and withstand more than the conventional, the design possibilities also outplay major material that now existing. Both trend still relatively new in Indonesia and has not yet to be accepted by common mindset. The accel- eration of production and its appearances in many building usage, will be a game changer in upcoming year. “Moving forward, we hope to design sustainable project entirely by wood in large scale size. We believe on using natural resource with critical mindset might be the future of the design.” Company: RAW Architecture Address: Sampoerna Strategic Square Level 18, South Tower Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 45- 46 Jakarta, Indonesia 12190 Telephone: (m) +62815 8657 2729 (t )+6221 589 06 043 Web Address: 1809BU12 29.7 cm