BUILD Q1 2019

Build Q1 2019 24 WR180107 ince its debut in 1972, Manulift has striven to be the number one distributor in Canada – known for its professionalism, cus- tomer oriented vision and it efficiency to successfully introduce new product to the Canadian market. Going into further detail about the services the firm provides, Michael begins by informing us of Manulift’s overall mission and the steps the team takes to ensure that they achieve it. “Here at Manulift, our mission is to increase Canadian entrepreneur’s pro- ductivity. We achieve this by being a specialist who are 100% dedicated to telescopic equipment. By choosing the brands with the most operational gains, investing massively in technologies so we can be more efficient in all aspect of our work. In addition to this, we employ the most talented people and support them as they work towards achieving the highest level of specialisation. Also, we offer continuous training, by being customers Helping to Clients to Achieve Optimal Performance Manulift is a Canadian based, privately owned company who sell, rent and repair lifting equipment in the construction, agriculture and industrial industries. Recently, we caught up with Michel Robert who provided us with a detailed insight into the firm and how they are able to deliver their award-winning services on a daily basis. S oriented and by giving our best and learning from each other’s good shot and mistakes.” When discussing what sets the firm apart from competitors, Michael ex- plains to us how the team at Manulift marks them out as the best possible option for their clients. “The fact that we are 100% telescopic and investing massively to be ahead of any competitor, makes it easy for customers to choose Manulift as we are the reference in Canada. For example, when the government thinks about changing regulation about telehandler, they ask Manulift to be part of the discussion. We introduced Skytrak in 1970 to the Canadian market and made it a household name. Then we introduced Merlo in 2003 and made it the most popular telehandler in Canada. We have customers who have been doing business with us and still continue to do so more than 25 years on. “At Manulift, we are interested in our customer’s success, therefore we are curious in how they do what they do. Once this has been identified, we propose the most suited solution adapted to their specific situation.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Michael signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially following their recent success as BUILD’s Best Telehandlers Distributor 2018 – Canada. “We are proud and humble to be recognised as the Best Telehandler Distributor in Canada for 2018. Our specialisation 100% telescopic and massive investments make it possible to reach unparalleled know-how in all our departments. “Therefore, we are able to reach a higher level of customer satisfaction by being faster and more efficient toward servicing our customers and choosing the most productive lift equipment brands. As a result, our clients enjoy substantial benefits. Our pride is knowing that we make a difference for our clients. “Moving forward, we are due to move into a new and bigger building in Toronto in mid-2019 to follow the demand for our product. Additionally, we are adding a new distributor to our already large network of 26 dealers across Canada. Lastly, we are continuously investing in new technologies to increase our efficient and we keep learning as we spent 100% of our time working on telehandlers.”