October 2017

20 BUILD / October 2017 , Creating Perfection Inside and Out RosaMay Sampaio Interior Architecture and Decoration, based in Sao Paulo, focusing on providing high quality interior decoration services. We profile the firm to learnmore and explore the secrets behind the firm’s phenomenal success over recent years. Often, in the development of a property, architectures and developers focus on the outside, with little focus on the inside and how to turn a house into a true home. As such, Rosa May Sampaio focus on interior design and decoration, although the firm have done architecture projects as well as set design for theatre and film for clients based across Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro thanks to the support of outsourced partners. Among the firm’s beautiful completed projects is an old farm in Argentina where Rosa and her team had to bring light, telephone, heating and plumbing from the nearest village about 20 km away, without destroying the beautiful park in which the building was set. In a mere nine months, the firm had fully renovated the house, which has more than 2000 square meters of constructed area, creating a stunning space which the owners could be truly proud to call home. To ensure that they receive the outcome they desire, Rosa’s aim is to please her clients, and for that she has to utilise patience to understand their needs and tastes and try to give them the best possible interior design using her own experience and tastes. Currently, Rosa May Sampaio and her team are undertaking the interior design of a 1000 square meter house in the countryside of São Paulo. It is a very ambitious project and the team are not used to undertaking both the architecture and interior design, as they are in this case, but they are excited for the challenge. In the near future, Rosa and her team would like to design a hotel and incorporate landscaping to their service offering in order to support a wider range of clients. 1707BU08