October 2017

14 BUILD / October 2017 , All projects at CGTWORKS start with a brief with the client, discussed with our architects and interior designers. At the beginning, we outline a base project and discuss it with our construction managers to point out any possible issues during the construction, the project is constantly in the adjust and monitor phase to ensure the design is feasible. Once on site, any issues are worked out in house. There is direct communication between our architecture and construction departments, to ensure that all details and elements of the project are carried out smoothly. The integration between the different components of the property management process, gives an incredible flexibility to adapt to any situation. We are able to take our skills and work with architects, designers, construction companies, private clients or developers. This is a plus among our competitors often specialized in a specific sector. Today the architecture industry is often guilty of cardboard copy practices; we often come across architecture firms that design offices or development or commercial units, blending all the projects in a repetitive copy paste fashion replicating previous designs. Also, the constant demand for quick solutions and fast design has impoverished the design process draining time for ideas or innovation and the result is a trend of buildings without style or character. At CGTWORKS we override those problems by combining a range of experience with specialized knowledge, anticipating the problems whilst improving the construction and design solutions. To further improve the process and the final result of our projects, we also utilise new technology. Maintaining knowledge of the most up to date tools is an important aspect of our firm. During the design process, we use 3D software to test the appearance of the project, we use photorealistic rendering to create a close idea of how the project and our ideas may look. In the construction phase, we are always researching new products in the market that can improve building performance, reduce carbon foot print and improve ecologic solutions. Lastly, we believe that in the future our vision will be more and more copied, shifting the tendency from specialization to a collaborative approach and flexible integration of different disciplines. Rather than a specialized cell, the architectural office will become more like a live entity composed of different strands that are able to adapt to every situation.

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