October 2017

20 BUILD / October 2017 , Developing Success London & Aberdeen Group is a family firmdedicated to providing high quality services to a range of clients. We profile the firm to explore how it came to win Best Property Development Company 2017 – London in our 2017 Construction Awards. Drawing on more than forty years’ experience with an unblemished and excellent track record in most aspects of UK real estate, London & Aberdeen Group is experienced in planning and development, putting the time and effort into ensuring that every project has a high quality, successful outcome. Over the last twelve years London & Aberdeen Group have flourished, working closely with substantial family offices, partners and a very wide range of first class professionals to produce stunning developments that will stand the test of time. As testimony to the firm’s client focused approach, many clients have become firm family friends and have worked with the group on multiple projects. One of the lessons that London & Aberdeen Group have learned working with these industry greats is that high integrity and quality is paramount. Mutual trust and good relations is also critical to success. Among the firm’s largest projects was Green Park, which was transformed from farm land into the largest business park in the UK. Having created a joint venture with farming landowners, the London & Aberdeen Group master planned and employed a team of professionals and over several years obtained planning permission for a 3 million sq ft business park, alteration of a motorway junction and a new distributer road and other ancillary uses, on circa 250 acres of farmland now known as Green Park at J11 M4 Reading. It was sold in phases to Prudential over a number of years. The developed value was c£450m. Ultimately, through being robust on its investment criteria at each stage, sensible on timing in each cycle and prudent, this dedicated, family group has recorded 100% success. All its transactions have been highly profitable which illustrates consistent performance over a long period. London & Aberdeen Group financiers, banks, partners, co-investors and teams have all enjoyed excellent upside and fees over a generation with limited risks and some exceptional IRRs, and moving forward the group intends to emulate and build upon this success. CE170031

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