June 2017

88 BUILD / June 2017 , Architecture and Property Development Alex D Architects is an experienced architectural and property development practice based in Buckinghamshire offering services throughout the UK and Portugal. We invited Alexandre Durao fromAlex D Architects to tell us more, after their success inwinning the High End Residential Projects – UK 2016 BUILD Award. A chartered practice in both countries (RIBA and ARB in the UK, OA in Portugal), Alex D Architects offers a wide range of services to private clients across the sphere of architecture and property development. Alexandre explains to us the many services provided at Alex D Architects. “We’re visionary in our work, which is always balanced by our vast experience and strong focus on maximising return on investment and achieving plans approval (planning applications and building regulation drawings). “Our services range from small to large and complex depending on individual client needs. These include: • Property surveys; • Plans and drawings (sketch, CAD and 3D as required); • Planning applications (new buildings, extensions, loft conversions, renovations); • Feasibility studies (to investigate and evaluate the potential of a site or building); • Building regulations; • Detailing; • Building specifications and tendering and; • Investment and development consultancy. With more than 17 years’ experience, this company was established three years ago in the UK. Alex D Architects compare their services to other competitors and always try to provide a better, more complete type of service and that can be easily seen in our drawings and reviews. They adapt to the circumstances and market changes but always with a strong focus to the client. When undertaking a new client or project, Alexandre details to us how they ensure the best possible outcome and what sets them apart from other companies within the industry. “We always try to understand a clients’ requirements together with the planning policies and what is or not achievable, even before we start any drawing process. Also, we consider the best possible way to achieve planning permission. “Our approach is very client focused, we have a very personal approach. From always being in contact to advising on how to proceed while keeping him informed about the procedures.” It is inevitable that most businesses will run into some challenges within their respected industry. For Alex D Architects, Alexandre expresses how the difficulties they face but how the company work to overcome these challenges and strengthen the company values. “It’s always a hard job. We are an award winning chartered practice and we believe we provide a great service for a very competitive price. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand this and still try to compare our services to other non-qualified practices. That is something frustrating but, at the same time, just make us more confident in our work. It also makes us more competent in our achievements as we only want to be compared with the best, and those are the ones that we consider and motivate us to be better and stronger. With an array of successful projects to choose from, Alexandre selects the ‘Stowe Apartments’ in Bourne End, Bucks. “It’s quite a contemporary approach in a part of town where there is a lack of character and I believe we managed to achieve a great design solution that actually improves the surrounding area, whilst respecting it. From this I learned that requires a lot of hard work, creativity and effort to create something that has such a strong impact on people’s views and feelings.” As for any upcoming projects that the company have lined up, Alexandre hints at some of Alex D Architects developing plans. “Constantly, we are always trying to understand how we can improve and what else we can do. Now, we are considering joint ventures with people who are interested in developing as we have a good access to opportunities. The main goal is that in two or three years we will be in a position of creating our own opportunities and developments, creating our own work. Also, we have the expertise on the Portuguese market so we are also exploring that part of the business where we can find, develop and build a dream house in Portugal, basically taking care of all the hassle from the client” As for the future of this industry, Alexandre envisions how the market will change over the next 12-months. 1702BU01