June 2017

6 BUILD / June 2017 , The Largest Antique Fireplace Showroom in the World BlueMantle Fireplaces & Antiques one of the UK’s leading suppliers of antique/reproduction fireplaces and reclamation. As recipient of the Best Garden Furniture Company – London, we invited the company to tell us more about their reputation since 1969, as the largest antique fireplace showroom in the world and seller of garden furniture. Established in 1969, Blue Mantle has the largest antique fireplace showroom in the world. With 24,000 square feet (2,200 square meters), there are always at least 500 items on display in their London showroom. Other items include chimney pots, dog grates, bespoke and reclaimed fireplace surrounds, mirrors, stained glass, fountains, chandeliers, architectural salvage, jars, pots, boxes, bottles, bells, ironwork and garden furniture. In 1970′s, due to increased business activity, the company extended the showroom by merging into five other neighboring shops and started serving the public. Over the years, Blue Mantle has established itself as UK leading supplier of Antique fireplaces. In the mid 1980′s, as the antique fireplaces became scarcer, the company started offering bespoke services of replicating marble and wooden fireplace surrounds in period designs. Currently located in the grade II listed building of the old fire station on the old Kent road, it took the company many years to restore the fire station to its original glory and now selling fireplaces from that location. The company’s spokesperson reveals more in this exclusive interview. “We have almost 50 years’ experience in supplying and restoring antique fireplaces. We are also one of the oldest and most established reclamation yards in the UK. “Blue Mantle is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Antique/ reproduction fireplaces, garden furniture, high value Antiques and architectural reclamation. Established in 1969 Blue Mantle has the largest antique fireplace showroom in the world. With 24,000 square feet (2,200 square meters) there are always at least 1000 items on display at our London showroom. “We have almost 50 years’ experience in supplying and restoring antique fireplaces, and garden furniture. We are also one of the oldest and most established architectural reclamation yards in the UK.” The spokesperson adds that the company offers a broad range of services and works closely with their clients, ensuring that their specific requirements as met to their complete satisfaction. “The company’s services have developed over the years in response to customer needs. We also work with clients in many different businesses and industries. Our services are developed to meet individual customer needs and we have established an excellent reputation in fireplace industry over 50 years. “Our friendly and skilled staff aim to exceed customer’s expectations by offering an excellent service and high quality customer care. Our reputation for innovating and pioneering new services is well known in the industry.” Finally, it is worth underlining that the company has assembled a rich array of services and skills over the years, some of which are listed below: • Specialism in assisting developers, architects and interior designers in supplying and installing fireplaces for listed buildings. • Confidential consultancy work undertaken for private and corporate clients. • Estimates for supplying and installation of fireplace. • Valuation and consultancy of fireplaces. • Supplying traditional cast iron garden furniture, lamp post and fountains. • Bespoke gas burners. • Bespoke marble, lime stone slate, granite and wooden fireplace surrounds and hearths. • Flue lining services. • Complete restoration and polishing services. • Removal of existing fireplace. • Radiators supplied and installed and • Supplying stoves and garden fireplaces. For the home: • Kitchen floors, worktops, sink tops and shelves etc. For the workplace: • Restaurant counter and servery tops. • Bar tops. • Boardroom and meeting room table tops and • Retail counter tops (e.g. delicatessens, cafes, food halls). LAG17008 Blue Mantle Fireplaces And Antiques Since 1969

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