June 2017

42 BUILD / June 2017 , Design Is Everything Established in 2009, HTS Interiors works with businesses from large scale to small scale industries from full spectrumof interior design services tomanage every process from bespoke furniture to complete turnkey interior design solutions. With years of experience, they are proud to be part of the Innovators in Design Awards, and certainly know and believe in the incredible power of design. Unique, creative, timeless, wide ranging, elegant – this is how HTS Interiors describes their work. Their projects are just as distinguished and different as their clients. Their creative designs, along with the best quality services, make them one of the most sought interior decorators in UAE and on a global basis. Established in 2011, HTS Interiors works with businesses from large scale to small scale industries from full spectrum of interior design services to manage every process from bespoke furniture to complete turnkey interior design solutions. They have a unique approach ends in the satisfaction of their clients every time, more of which the firm’s Nitin Nadukandy reveals in this interview. “With years of experience, we know and believe in the power of design. We have a unique approach that only ends in the satisfaction of our clients. We know that only the precise execution of details combined with the highest quality will help create a list of long loyal clients as we have now. We see each space as a possibility for endless styles and we define its limits based on your desire. We would love to join hands with you to provide our impeccable style of well-established spaces anywhere. “Our management has expert engineers, artisans and craftsmen set us wide apart from our competition. Their strict adherence to excellence and their commitment to exceed our client’s expectations to accumulate together in a beautifully set out environment that are graceful and timeless.” Our philosophy In terms of the firm’s philosophy, they believe that creative space planning, interior designing and project management can change the way a building influences the lives of the people in it – so they go about creating breath-taking and lovely influences in many lives all over the world. At HTS interiors, they firmly believe in ‘the power of design’ and that ‘design is everything’. They specialise in contemporary cutting edge modern deigns and have lots of experience in bringing the classic traditional sights to life now. Nitin then goes on to outline how the firm builds long-term relationships with their clients, how exactly they reply on their belief in design and how memorable designs are delivered. “We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients by impressing them with our talent. We also collaborate with our clients on as much as matters we could to find the perfect elements that satisfy them. Our collection of drapery, wall coverings, shades, floor coverings, blinds, furniture, lighting, artwork, accessories, bedding and much more are all nothing less than the highest quality and vast in ranges and styles for you to choose from. “We rely on our belief in design and a passionate sense of proportion and balance with wild imagination to produce unique results. Our team is a highly passionate team of supervisors, workmen and engineers who help each other in every interior design process we follow which make the big picture come true. “We deliver memorable designs with the help of the highest quality materials in the market. Our interior design service is entirely based on customer input wherever possible to deliver memorable and lasting interiors. We value our clients the most and look forward to their support and feedback for our biggest strength and translate every requirement into a productive functional and creative through innovative designs.” Approach At HTS Interiors, they do not strive to find a single solution that fits all. They know that you are unique – so they strive for designs that are very much based on you – just unique and special. Nitin Nadukandy explains more about the crucial role of her team members, as well as project management and technology in the firm’s work. “Our designs are as diverse as your culture, as truthful as your values and as endless as your imagination. At HTS Interiors, each of our team members draws their inspiration from you. We believe in your individuality and your sense of style to choose the general genre of the outcome. We assist you and guide you to determine elements that will suit your place the best. “We use planning and execution in our project management to sculpt our works on time. We have a knack for securing the help of the latest technology to help us keep ahead of time. We love techniques like the CPM and PERT in that context. “Also, we provide you some real looking details and close-ups of the project in its planning stage with 3D Max, Photoshop and Auto CAD wherever necessary. A risk management plan is an integral part of the project management plan and it is developed along with it. This plan defines the guidelines on how you will identify project risks and techniques to manage them.” No project is too big or too small for HTS Interiors, indeed each of their interior and fit-out project has unique salient features and clients, with whom the firm enjoys working with. The firm always discuss the features of the project with you to accomplish the vision of the design in an hour-long appointment, where they also then bring you various samples of materials that match the idea theme that is being outlined. In the final stage, the products are delivered with outstanding results and quality workmanship Nitin underlines. 1702BU32

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