June 2017

BUILD / June 2017 33 Shining Stars in the Architectural Sky g that Architecture must be communicative, eloquent, but also comprehensible, able to enter into a general, democratic ... debate, readable and interpretable at different levels. The project experimentations look for multiplicity such as hybridization, as a contemporary condition intended to compare to our multi-ethnic society, to the contemporary society in continuous transformation and evolution, through a constant and radical effort of inclusion, liberation and adaptation. In 1997, with this perspective and purpose, I founded the international magazine Il Progetto, which is a synthesis of the planning philosophy integrated in its various forms. From the very beginning Il Progetto was a place to discuss “design” and the emerging contemporary themes where every artistic and cultural expressive form finds its own space, its own reflection, a dialectic, even but always inclusive, heteronomous and propositional reply. Il Progetto (the group of friends which is engaged in organizational and cultural terms) is a melting pot of organized and articulated modernity which is founded on the architectural concept that architecture is not purely the art of building, but it also becomes a key for interpreting contemporary thought which is intended, in the broadest sense, as a “beyond building” thought, as defined in the slogan by Aaron Betsky. The heterogeneousness of the themes dealt with, the interdisciplinary hybridization express themselves through the transcultural value, with an inevitable enrichment which this produces.

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