June 2017

BUILD / June 2017 31 Contact: Maurizio Bradaschia Email: [email protected] Company: STUDIO BRADASCHIA srl via Ponchielli Amilcare, 3, Trieste, 34122, Italy Telephone: 0039 040 364510 0039 340 6967446 Web Address: www.studiobradaschia.it Countless Possibilities g Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Lazio, Campania, Calabria, Puglia, Abruzzo), in a scenario characterized by the coexistence of a strong trend towards internationality and an attitude attentive to pre-existence, traditionxxi, orientated to thoroughly interpret the historical consciousness, adverse to formalisms. For the above reasons, my work may seem not to be tied to the Italian tradition and chiefly to the “Venetian” and “Roman” Schools of Architecture (place of my background) which have greatly influenced the architectural culture of the whole country. In fact I feel more influenced by that international panorama gravitating around the Central European area, found in the different schools of Venice, but also those of Trieste, Graz, Vienna, Ljubljana and Zagreb. The possibilities of comparison, dialogue and debate were countless. The spurs received thanks to the attendance of Graz, Ljubljana and Zagreb were always fundamental.

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