June 2017

148 BUILD / June 2017 , The 2016 BUILD Awards - Design Excellence in the USA award winner is Boggs & Partners Architects, a firmoffering professional services in the fields of architecture, interiors and master planning. We spoke to the firm’s Joseph Boggs to discover more about the firm’s strong reputation for its innovative design and planning solutions. Innovative Design and Planning Solutions Boggs & Partners Architects is a firm focused on design excellence, mobility, communications and service. Their commitment lies in offering expanded services in an increasingly competitive global marketplace - and in providing clients with the necessary resources to maximise real estate assets - by planning and designing facilities in support of organisational objectives. Headquartered in Annapolis, MD; the firm is organised to facilitate the proper and efficient execution of projects on a global scale. Joseph Boggs explains more about the firm’s renown, something of its background and what sets them apart in the wider industry. “Boggs & Partners Architects have been responsible for the design of commercial, corporate, healthcare, retail, residential and government facilities. We have received international acclaim for its innovative design and planning solutions. “We have been in existence for 21 years now. During this time, we have seen a rapid change in design technology with computer-aided design, which allows virtually anything to be designed and constructed as well as construction materials which are constantly evolving “What makes us unique is our undoubted passion for the client’s best interests, which includes award winning design solutions.” Joseph then turns his thoughts towards how Boggs & Partners Architects ensures the best possible outcome for each client, their overall aims and what strategies they employ to achieve this, as well as the firm’s key principles. “It requires a good client to achieve a great design and final product, so we need to listen. “We engage our clients to express what their short-term and long-term goals for the project are - we try to understand the present-day value – plus the long-term view of costs and design intent. “We strive to be current with all the sustainable, green and forward thinking technology methodologies that are available.” When it comes to creating innovative solutions to maintain the firm’s success, Joseph reveals there is no proven formula; but they can certainly ‘work through the problem’ by utilising their talent and professional experience. Bringing the interview to a close, Joseph explains what the firm’s most successful project to date is and what the future holds for the wider industry and the Boggs & Partners Architects. “The Levy Center and Jewish Chapel at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md is our most successful project to date. The most important thing we learnt from working on this, is that a designed space to spiritually move people, is a very sensitive undertaking. “We believe that the future for your industry is a design-build one. In terms of how we see the market changing over the next 12 months, the firm can see that projects and funds are loosening following the US Presidential election. “Our future aspirations as a firm are very clear and can be described in a nutshell. We aspire to be a global firm for design projects.” Company: Boggs & Partners Architects Name: Joseph Boggs FAIA NCARB Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.boggspartners.com Address: 410 Severn Avenue Annapolis, Maryland 21403 USA Telephone: +1 410 268 3797 1701BU13

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