July 2017

20 BUILD / July 2017 , Keep Your Eye on the Ball Sport Surfaces has an extensive teamof trained professionals, with a wide array of specialised knowledge in all aspects of the sport construction field, giving you over 100 years of combined experience. We recently caught up with CEO at Sport Surfaces, Paul Gold to find out more about the firm’s offerings. Founded in 2007, Sport Surfaces is the premier provider in giving their customers the ultimate one stop shop when it comes to the construction, repair or supply needs. CEO at Sport Surfaces, Paul Gold starts by giving some essential background to the firm’s work. “Using the latest technologies and techniques, we have strived to provide customers with the best products and supplies available anywhere. We continuously track and evaluate every aspect of our company and continually improve what we do, to serve the customers better. Thus, we are now the leader in sport construction and repair in the USA. Tomorrow, we are striving to be the only sports construction company which is truly global, with offices in many parts of the globe! “We pride ourselves on having an extensive team of tennis court contractors and basketball court professionals, of whom have specialised knowledge in all aspects of the tennis court construction field, giving you over 150 years of expert sport construction experience. “We are a wholesale provider, giving our customers an, ‘everything in one place’ experience. If you’re looking for an experienced tennis court contractor, we are the company to come to. We have been one of Florida’s top licensed tennis court construction and resurfacing company, helping homeowners get the most from their home tennis court.” The firm’s home base is in Florida, so naturally it is easier to service their customers here. The firm has served thousands of customers in Florida, but their reputation has taken them as far as Siberia, South America, AU TECH offshore base and many areas of the Caribbean. Paul then underlines the nature of the firm’s specialised service, how they offer top quality coupled with wholesale pricing, plus their seasoned experience in the industry. “We provide top home and residential tennis and basketball courts, along with running tracks, bocce ball courts and many diversified services. This makes it possible to meet and beat our clients’ high expectations. Our clients range from homeowners, general contractors, country clubs, military bases, home owner associations and a variety of educational facilities. “We believe that in today’s economy, our customers expect and deserve wholesale tennis court pricing. We will not however, give up quality to give a cheap product. Our customers understand that it takes more to provide top quality services and products, so we always give them the best value for their investment. Remember, when you don’t want to spend too much but still expect the best, you can count on us every time. “Also, we are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tennis court contractors, with the most qualified staff in the industry. We know and love our products, so if you give us an opportunity to serve, your sport court needs will be too.” The firm believes that for a licensed tennis contractor to be successful, they must have a strong commitment to paying close attention to the details of the customers’ needs and specifications. In addition, they will need to keep a focus on the ball, from initial conception and design to completion and ultimately turning the courts over to our clients. In closing, Paul takes us in the direction of the firm’s knowledgeable project teams, why they are so successful and qualities that mark them out “The firm’s project teams are thorough and known for their cooperative team player approach to doing business whether we are performing as a subcontractor or as the general sport builder. Sport Surfaces affords clients the benefit of wholesale pricing a knowledgeable management team who can take on the challenges of today’s fast track sports construction environment and dedicated to the concept that “TEAM still stands for together everyone achieves more attitude”. “We believe that one important key to the success of a project lies in understanding the relationship between our work and that of the owner and knowing how and in what sequence the pieces should come together to ensure the most efficient path to completion. “We use sophisticated software such as GNATT charts and CPM. Sport Surfaces is built on a firm foundation of honesty and integrity. Providing our customers with a wide variety of US made products, meeting all your budgetary needs and exceed all expectations of quality customer service by delivering exemplary workmanship and professional installations. By adhering to these strong principles, Sport Surfaces believe that we have become one of the best tennis court companies in the industry.” 1705BU08

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