2018 Interior Design Awards

Build 2018 Interior Design Awards 20 ounded in 2005 on a philosophy that the daily environment is challenged by individuality and where space and form must co- reside, TOPOS Architects aims to create working and living spaces that inspire the team to showcase their potential, every day. Through an urbane design philosophy of defining the spatial identity of its owners, TOPOS Architects seeks to co-create a habitat for each client and owner to truly call their own. Today, TOPOS redefines spatial elements to create unique identities that are meaningful and inspiring. The team creates designs that challenge the imagination, resulting in spaces that enhance daily living. The team at TOPOS takes pride in collaborating closely with their clients, to propose authentic design solutions and artistic judgements that satisfy the distinctive needs of each project, while never keeping a close eye on the details, scale and proportions to ensure coherence and aesthetic appeal. The firm draws on the experience of its senior team, headed by Principal and Design Director Alan Fan. The team has over 50 years of international experience between everyone, and each member has a flair for design and a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces. In line with Best Food & Beverage Interior Design Firm - Singapore TOPOS Architects is an award-winning architectural design firm established to shatter preconceived notions of spatial allocations and use. We profile the firm to learn more about how it has achieved the success of winning one of our prestigious Interior Design Awards titles. F ID180019 Company: TOPOS Architects Pte Ltd Contact: Alan Fan Address: 531 Upper Cross Street #03 – 29, 050 531, Singapore Phone: 0065 6736 0804 Website: www.toposdesign.com their design philosophy of coming up with well-designed, purposeful and beautiful spaces, they especially enjoy creating F&B spaces that espouse the memorable attributes of EAT – to be Entertained, to be Absorbed and to be Tantalised. Some of TOPOS Architects more notable recent F&B projects include Joji Bar located at Carlton Hotel Singapore, a handsome and inviting bar that draws inspiration from origami and a warm palette that complements the luxurious hotel lobby; the innovative and world’s first DC Comics Super Heroes Café at Marina Bay Sands Singapore that projects the striking visuals of the DC Comics universe to immerse customers in an engaging superhero experience; and Saha Restaurant, one of the world’s top fine-dining Indian Fusion restaurants located at the National Gallery of Singapore, designed very consciously with Indian-inspired artifacts in mind and a focus on fine grain detailing. With regards to the future, TOPOS Architects hope to build upon their current success by working to take on larger hospitality projects, as well as to increase its F&B design footprint both locally as well as overseas. As part of this expansion plan, the team is currently working on some retail projects in Chelsea London to expand the brand into Europe and the rest of the world.

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