2018 Interior Design Awards

Build 2018 Interior Design Awards 14 Best Large-Scale Interior Design Specialists – Spain & Most Innovative Spanish Restaurant Design: NoBook & Uma Restaurants Intercon is an interior architecture and design firm with international reach that strives to create unique spaces where beauty, aesthetics and innovation blend seamlessly with sustainable functionality. We invited Mohammed Adib to tell us more about the firm and the range of services it has to offer. ID180014 Company: Intercon Contact: Mohammed Adib Address: C de la Riba, 36, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain Phone: +34 933 427 427 Web Address: www.intercon.es n 1988, Mohammed Adib took over as Managing Director of Intercon, initially established in London in 1979 as the design arm of Intercon Ltd. Mohammed steered the company to expand and diversify and set up its offices in Barcelona in 1993. Maria Escale joined the firm to develop the interior architecture work for the company. This international base has helped the firm establish itself in the ever- increasing markets that they are present in. Today, through strategic partnerships, Intercon is actively present in EMEA and Central Asia. In his opening comments Mohammed outlines the importance of the firm’s international reach and how it has helped drive his firm to the success it enjoys today. “At Intercon we undertake special bespoke projects of various degrees of complexity and scale, creating ideal living spaces. We have succeeded in offering a highly focused and specialized service to our clients, with utmost respect for sustainability and providing properties that respond to the user’s needs in the most challenging of buildings. Our international and multi- cultural team has helped us establish ourselves in the ever-widening markets that we are present in.” Quality is central to the firm’s service offering and is another key factor in driving success and in helping differentiate it from its competitors, as Mohammed is keen to showcase. “Fundamentally, Intercon strives to be known as “the quality” driven practice. At Intercon we focus on creating distinct, eminent buildings that fuse functionality with superior aesthetic form and environmental considerations. At Intercon we have a passion for excellence that drives every stage of the project, from design conception to the daily use of our completed projects. Intercon ensures that in its design, all recognized and relevant international standards to comply with. The same is followed by all sub- consultants that are part of Intercon’s team.” I Status: Completed Location: Barcelona, Spain Type: Architecture Design Year: 2016 Program: Restaurant Retail

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