BUILD - 2019 Infrastructure Awards

2019 Infrastructure Awards Build 7 Infrastructure Biodiversity Consultancy of the Year - Southern Europe Drawing on more than 30-years’ experience, Minuartia is a consultancy firm that specialises in biodiversity and green infrastructure. As part of our showcase of a selection of the 2019 Infrastructure Awards we profile the firm to find out more. Through its expert support, MINUARTIA contributes to the development of green infrastructure in Europe. It helps to reduce road traffic accidents involving animals and bird strike hazards at airports by working to develop safer infrastructure for people, while reducing wildlife mortality and habitat fragmentation and thus contributing to slowing biodiversity loss. MINUARTIA participates actively in international Research and Development, COST and LIFE programme projects. The team is also undertaking training seminars on the topic addressed to administration and companies staff and participating in education programs at universities. Specifically, the firm’s work focus on how to make compatible wildlife and human activities, to reduce the effects on nature and to enhance biodiversity of infrastructures such as rail links, airports and roads but also energy or water management infrastructures. With its base in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), MINUARTIA works alongside clients throughout Europe and other parts of the world giving them the advice and support they need to reduce the environmental impact of their project and ensure that over time it benefits and enriches the landscape in which it is located. At the outset of a new project, MINUARTIA creates interdisciplinary project teams comprised of senior graduates such as doctors and engineers along with local experts. Team members work together to bring their knowledge and understanding to every project, in strength cooperation with the customer’s staff. The interdisciplinary approach means that MINUARTIA often form partnerships of value to other companies, universities and research centres worldwide. Ultimately, MINUARTIA focuses on collaborating with administration and companies to develop a better understanding of the links between infrastructure and biodiversity and to reduce human wildlife conflicts. With the Global Risk Report 2019 (World Economic Forum) identifying biodiversity loss as one of the main risks facing the planet, MINUARTIA’s work is more vital than ever. In the future, the firm will remain committed to enhancing collective knowledge on biodiversity and infrastructure. This crucial work should drive the company to even greater success and renown in the future. ith an expert team and over three decades of experience, MINUARTIA supports clients across the public and private sectors so they can make informed choices to contribute to enhance biodiversity and develop green infrastructure. The consultancy contributes to the design, construction and operation of infrastructure, with a focus on safety and wildlife conservation. It works with infrastructure designer’s constructors and operators to create safer, more environmentally friendly infrastructure that benefit people and nature. W Feb19520 Company: MINUARTIA Contact: Carme Rosell CEO / Roser Campeny / Ferran Navàs Website: