Infrastructure Awards 2018

Build 2018 Infrastructure Awards yles Nelson McKenzie Design began over 30 years ago designing small projects for clients in Palm Springs California. Today, Myles and his design team continue to grow by expanding their design services into a wide variety of residential home designs tailored uniquely to each property and client. The fifirm provides residential and light commercial construction plans across the United States and Canada. Myles has worked diligently to supply clients with outstanding design services and support they can rely on. After the fifirm began in the 1980’s the studio was relocated to Orange County, California, providing services to clients from Capistrano Beach to Newport Beach. Consequently, through referrals, projects began to expand into Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Riverside Counties. Myles has most recently opened an additional studio in Hilton Head, South Carolina. This has allowed the fifirm to expand and provide design services to clients throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This expansion has been the result of the fifirm’s client focused approach to building design which focuses on collaborating with the client, thus assuring that they receive the desired outcome for their particular project. When asked about his approach and how he works with clients to understand their needs he reflects on his personal experience in the design and construction industry stating, “While working in an industry that is always evolving we are constantly looking for new innovative building products and services that will enhance the design and construction of each project. This in-turn gives us the ability to develop our project design to include options outside the traditional construction boundaries. In my experience, the most important aspect of success is to listen to the clients needs and specifc requirements. I spend a great deal of time with each client discussing the pros and cons of the proposed project development. These in-depth preliminary discussions able us to focus on developing a project scope that fifits our clients lifestyle. From this we develop our conceptual sketches for each project. From the very beginning of each project I involve our team in every phase during each stage of development. We examine various interior and exterior ideas so that we continue to refine the project design we are able to move seamlessly into the construction plan documentation. Thanks to this detail oriented approach including client consultation and team member involvement, our clients are thus provided with complete confidence that their project documentation for building construction will be of the highest possible quality.” Over the many years, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design has worked on a vast array of innovative construction projects. As he and his team continue moving forward they are eager to pursue many more projects. In conclusion, Myles relates, “I am looking forward to the future for Myles Nelson McKenzie Design by focusing on developing a broader client base in the eastern United States and Canada. This will allow us to share our expertise and experience for working on even more projects. We are incredibly excited about taking advantage of these opportunities.” Best Building Design Company 2018 & BUILD Excellence Award for Most Varied Residential Designs-California 2018 Myles Nelson McKenzie Design provides unique design and construction plan services for clients across the United States and Canada. We invited Founder Myles himself to talk with us about his design firm and how he has driven it to success thanks to his hard work and commitment to excellence. M IA180002