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Luxury Home Construction Contractor of the Year 2024 - North Carolina Located in Waynesville, North Carolina, Plott Creek Builders is a construction company devoted to building with principle and purpose. Founder Jeremy Rodgers and his skilled team deliver high-quality craftmanship to create functional, beautiful spaces – just the way the client envisions them. In light of the company’s recognition within the Homebuilder Awards 2024, we take a closer look at what makes it so outstanding. www.build-review.com

BUILD Campaign Name 2023 About the Home Builder Awards 2024 BUILD Magazine’s beloved staple is back to honour the champions of the residential construction industry both longstanding and as yet unsung. The Home Builder Awards 2024 is a highly inclusive awards programme featuring the industry’s true winners who provide us with a place to call home! The construction industry is rife with innovation and is continually evolving to become more streamlined, efficient and safe. New inventions such as 3D modular construction printers allow for sturdier structures up to three storeys tall to be produced offsite, effectively tacking the skilled labour shortage issue. Sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) technology, data analytics and Building Information Modelling (BIM) all allow construction sites to be planned comprehensively and monitored in real-time, reducing the possibility of unforeseen dangers and risks. With full control and an all-seeing-eye, construction companies can realise their true potential. The possibilities are almost limitless, and now that supply chains are free from hyperinflation there are few obstacles than cannot be overcome. As ever, the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of the construction industry refuses to fade. Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0010 Website: www.build-review.com Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland- Editor Joshua Beardsmore- Writer Izzy Mifsud- Writer Emily Godbold- Writer Matthew Wright- Writer Lauren Baldwin- Graphic Designer Editorial Team

Contents 4. Plott Creek Builders: Luxury Home Construction Contractor of the Year 2024 - North Carolina 6. Robinette Architects, Inc: Most Innovative Bespoke Boutique Architectural Firm 2024 - Arizona 8. Trademark Roofing: Roofing Contractor of the Year 2024 – Florida & Most Dedicated Roofing Business CEO 2024 (Florida): Tristan Starbird 10. OMNI Property Solutions Ltd: Best Full-Service Building Company 2024 - South East England 12. HomeSnag: Most Trusted Property Snagging Surveyor 2024 – UK 13. Kwiktech: DIY Steel Framing System Innovator of the Year 2024 14. Berry Bespoke Design & Build Limited: Best Bespoke Home Renovation & Building Company 2024 - East Midlands 15. SanDiego Homes Inc: Most Innovative Bespoke Home Builder & Land Development Enterprise 2024 - Ontario 16. DART Tool Group: Best Power Tool Accessories Specialist 2024 - UK 17. Rapid Flow Inc: Best Sewer & Drain Cleaning Specialists 2024 - Boston 18. Tyneside Home Improvements: Orangery & Conservatory Installer of the Year 2024 - Tyne & Wear 19. Commercial Building Design Solutions Provider of the Year 2024 - Massachusetts 20. Reality Properties: Best Commercial Property Investment Group 2024 - East London 21. J&M Home Improvement and Construction Ltd: Best Full- Service Home Refurbishments Company 2024 - South East England 22. Manuel Zacher: Best Mosaic & Tiling Company 2024 - Germany 23. Core Conservation: Best Heritage Building Insulation Solutions Company 2024 – UK & BUILD Client Service Excellence Award 2024 24. ALLtimate Envelope Solutions: Most Innovative Full-Service Construction Company 2024 - BC 25. Roofing Solutions SW Ltd: Best Roof Repair Specialists 2024 - South West England 26. Lignum Advisors: Best Personal & Corporate Real Estate Law Firm 2024 - the Bahamas 27. Perello Design & Build: Best High-End Design & Build Firm 2024 - New York 28. JK Home Improvements: Best Domestic Extension & Conversion Contractor 2024 - Leinster 29. Axiom Builders: Residential & Commercial Construction Specialists of the Year 2024 - Texas 30. Cleroux & Sons Roofing: Most Client- Focused Roofing Contractor 2024 - Ontario 31. Creative Project Services Ltd: Best Architectural Design & Build Company 2024 - Home Counties

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 North Carolina is one of the 50 states of America and home to the highest mountain peaks in Eastern USA which meet 483 kilometres of shoreline and offer breath-taking views unlike any other. Locals and tourists alike just can’t get enough of North Carolina’s awe-inspiring outdoors, with its hundreds of waterfalls, four national forests, and dozens of lakes, rivers, streams. Plott Creek Builders’ vibrant home of Waynesville is the largest town in Western North Carolina, with its charming, urban downtown made up of local boutiques, handmade gift shops, restaurants, and more. The town sits in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and is a central location for experiencing all that the region has to offer. Passionate about its region and doing it justice with its work, Plott Creek Builders’ Luxury Home Construction Contractor of the Year 2024 - North Carolina Located in Waynesville, North Carolina, Plott Creek Builders is a construction company devoted to building with principle and purpose. Founder Jeremy Rodgers and his skilled team deliver high-quality craftmanship to create functional, beautiful spaces – just the way the client envisions them. In light of the company’s recognition within the Homebuilder Awards 2024, we take a closer look at what makes it so outstanding. bespoke projects come with quality, artisan, craftmanship and are highly complementary to their magnificent settings. With a comprehensive list of services available to both residential and commercial clients in Haywood and surrounding counties, these include, but aren’t limited to, home and extension building from scratch, roofing, structural repairs, flooring, deck and railing installation, drainage and gutter installation and repair, carpentry, painting, swimming pool installation, and even demolition services. As such, it boasts an impressive project portfolio, which demonstrates the team’s next-level expertise in creating stunning, cutting-edge designs. Among these projects is its luxury, modern four-bedroom property built in 2023 and situated in the stunning Maggie Valley, just a short drive from Waynesville. Maggie Valley is 554 square miles of spectacular country with Contact Details: Company: Plott Creek Builders Contact: Jeremy Rogers Email: [email protected] Website: www.plottcreek.com

5 13 mountain peaks that soar as high as 6,000 feet. With dramatic mountain views and 180feet trout-stocked creek frontage, this 2,535 square foot home is surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and couldn’t be more perfect for nature lovers. With huge windows, large open-plan spaces, and cathedral ceilings, the inside of the property is bathed in natural light, complimented by crisp white walls, light wood floors, and matching neutral interiors, from the kitchen cupboards to the beautiful marble counter tops to the to the stair railing to the bathroom cabinets – Even the exterior with its light cream colour and Arts and Crafts architectural style is bright and welcoming, complemented by the North Carolina sunshine beaming down on it. Venturing outdoors, the residence has its own firepit, inviting gatherings and s’more making. Meanwhile, fishing enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of the nearby community fishing pier, the place to be with a cool beverage and fishing pole to catch the evening’s dinner. It is also just a short scenic walk away from Maggie Valley Country Club, with its golf course and award-winning restaurant. Also close by is Mountain View Creek Park in all its natural beauty. The Arts and Crafts architectural style that Plott Creek Builders adopts in its creations originated in England in the mid-19th century, but it became popular in Boston, USA at the end of the 19th century and soon spread across the country. Most Arts and Crafts buildings in America are houses, although some churches and chapels are also built in this style, with characteristics including exposed beams, strong posts, and rafters that extend beyond the roof line. The structures are built using wood, particularly oak, locally sourced stone, stucco, and brick, and their floor plans are open and simple. They are handcrafted from top to bottom, embracing the imperfections, and also taking influence from the great outdoors, using earthy tones, paying attention to wood grain, and perhaps using decorative items made of shell or bone. Further, the style expresses an emphasis on cosy home life, with relaxed, glowing interiors, prominent fireplaces, and maybe even art glass to soften light. Plott Creek Builders delights in sharing its works-in-progress and completed projects on its Facebook page, which show just how it embraces the opportunity to create remarkable properties out in the North Carolina wilderness, each project with clean design, use of wood, and light colours perfectly complementing their beautifully natural locations. It is undeniably an architect and construction contractor that takes great inspiration from its region’s rolling hills, green, picturesque landscapes, and gloriously blue skies. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how Plott Creek Builders has come to be named Luxury Home Construction Contractor of the Year 2024 - North Carolina, between its extraordinary craftmanship and zeal to create exceptional homes in some of the most sublime destinations in the United States of America. The team never cease to exceed the expectations of their clients, harmonising land, architecture, and expert craftmanship to create the most outstanding construction outcomes.

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 Jan24371 Most Innovative Bespoke Boutique Architectural Firm 2024 - Arizona

7 Established in 1984, Robinette Architects is a boutique architectural firm dedicated to producing unique luxury homes, tailored to their owner’s lifestyles and respectful of the Sonoran Desert. Its awardwinning team adds value with their creative designs, and the company has garnered an esteemed reputation as the residential design experts of Southern Arizona. The boutique firm strives to continuously expand its expertise in all aspects of the design and construction process in order to deliver high-quality projects. For its thoughtful designs, we have bestowed on Robinette Architects this year’s award for Most Innovative Bespoke Boutique Architectural Firm – Arizona. Ron Robinette founded Robinette Architects to create a full-service firm specialising in all facets of design and construction including Custom House Design, interior and exterior design, landscape design, and site selection. He has amassed almost forty years of experience and been instrumental in the construction of more than 350 projects across Southern Arizona. The innovative company remains steadfast in its mission to be a recognised leader of Custom Residential Design in Southwestern Arizona. Robinette Architects aims to design custom homes that perfectly complement client’s goals, property, and the surrounding environment. Its team are proud to serve their community, creating world-class designs that reflect Arizona’s unique culture and history. Mr. Robinette says, “Most of our staff are Tuscon natives. This provides us with an innate feel for how to create living spaces that ‘live well’ year-round in our beautiful surroundings. Additionally, we are always studying old and new buildings in our environment as well as classic and cutting-edge designs to better understand how to respond to our clients’ unique and challenging sites with innovative ideas and techniques.” As Arizona natives, the team understands how to live and thrive within the desert environment and incorporate their design expertise into clients’ dream builds. By using new and classic designs as inspiration, Robinette Architects can ensure its builds respond to the environment in innovative ways. While cutting-edge materials and products continue to enter the market, the fundamental principles of good design have not changed since the company’s inception. Robinette Architects is dedicated to its core values of functionality, beauty, and quality to create a turnkey client experience. Gary Seamans, a valued client, shares, “Ron Robinette and his team are world-class. I have worked with the highly rated architects across the country and Ron and his team clearly are the best and brightest. Most impressive are the interactions at the beginning where Ron learns what you want in your home…not what he thinks you should have. He was amazing at being able to understand who we were, how we wanted to live, and the feelings we wanted to have when inside or outside of our home. He expertly and efficiently translated that understanding into a perfect design. He always met deadlines and the quality of his work is unmatched. When the inevitable large scale custom home problems arose, he promptly and wisely knew how to solve them. I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend him and his firm.” Robinette Architects works in collaboration with renowned consultants, builders, and suppliers to produce its exceptional projects. Its comprehensive services cover all key phases of the design and construction process including Feasibility Studies and Remodelling. The Robinette Architects team understands the importance of conducting a detailed analysis of a proposed project in order to evaluate the likelihood of success. This crucial stage is not part of the design project but allows the firm to identify a range of feasible options for moving forward. After Feasibility Studies are completed, clients can decide whether to proceed into the next stage and which option should be developed in more detail. With several luxurious real estate properties available, clients can choose from numerous breathtaking locations in the desert Southwest. One of these elevated homesites is a custom property in Stone Canyon with stunning panoramic views of the city, perfectly positioned to see the outstanding sunsets. Designed by the ingenious Ron Robinette, the home works in harmony with its environment, providing a seamless space for entertaining guests. Its interior offers three comfortable bedrooms, an office/den, a spacious living space, modern kitchen, and butler’s pantry. With over 25 acres of open land in the backyard, the property boasts copious space for relaxing in the luxurious pool or observing the city lights while sitting around the magnificent fire feature. The Stone Canyon home resides within a vibrant gated community with its own private residential golf community, luxurious health and fitness facility, and modern bar and restaurant. Robinette Architects invites clients to view this extraordinary property and experience the luxurious amenities available in Stone Canyon. In addition to its quality commitment, the firm strives to design sustainable projects that are respectful of the desert and environmentally conscious. The U.S. Green Building Council established LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), an internationally recognised program, to provide third-party verification of green building practices. The program provides a framework for efficient and cost-effective green buildings which offer environmental and social benefits. Robinette Architects has begun several design and construction projects that when completed will apply for LEED Certification. LEED Buildings are designed to minimise operating costs, conserve energy and water, and improve health and sustainability within communities. To support these objectives, Robinette Architects' practices aim to reduce site disturbances and enhance native landscape to nurture human and environmental wellbeing. By utilising energy efficient equipment and integrating fresh air systems into its builds, Robinette Architects can reduce the environmental impact of projects and contribute to LEED Certification. These certified builds are essential to addressing climate change and enhancing individuals and communities’ quality of life. The team at Robinette Architects are passionate about producing luxury custom homes that embody Arizona’s unique landscape and spirit. Its world-class architects use their extensive expertise to create awe-inspiring designs that are responsive to a client’s lifestyle and respectful to the environment. Working in collaboration with renowned consultants, builders, and suppliers, the firm has established an excellent reputation as the residential design experts of Southern Arizona. Robinette Architects is also dedicated to fostering sustainability and strives to incorporate green building practices to reduce the environmental and social impacts of its projects. Moving forward, Ron Robinette and his team will continue to embrace evolution by leveraging emerging technologies and continuous learning to better understand how to respond to unique environments with innovative ideas and practices. Recognised in the Homebuilder Awards as this year’s Most Innovative Bespoke Boutique Architectural Firm – Arizona, Robinette Architects will continue to add value to communities with its boundless creativity and impeccable designs. Contact Details Contact: Edgar Lozoya Company: Robinette Architects, Inc. Web Address: https://robinettearchitect.com/

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 Driven by a mission to provide customers with the trifecta of a perfect roof, exemplary workmanship, and total customer satisfaction, Trademark Roofing is renowned in its local area for the all-encompassing approach it takes to operations. This all begins with the team striving to wholly understand a customer’s roofing needs and manage their expectations, with meticulous attention to detail being afforded to every project, complemented with excellent communication and a professional manner that is on display at all times. Tristan tells us, “our reputation is based on service, safety, and quality, regardless of how large or small the job.” A licensed company that is immensely proud to be a member of an array of professional and trade associations in the area, inclusive of the Cape Coral Building Industry Association, Charlotte and Desoto County Building Industry Association, and the Associated Building Contractors Association, Trademark is entering its ninth year of operation, with Tristan also celebrating having been in charge for three years in the summer of 2024. Aside from his CEO duties, Tristan also sits on a couple Roofing Contractor of the Year 2024 – Florida & Most Dedicated Roofing Business CEO 2024 (Florida): Tristan Starbird As Southwest Florida’s local roofing professionals, CEO Tristan Starbird and the team at Trademark Roofing offer their expert services to Cape Coral, Sanibel, and the surrounding areas, leveraging more than three decades of experience and an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to carry out excellent roofing services that have garnered the company hundreds of five-star reviews from customers. Great pride is taken across every element of the company’s service and is on display in abundance, whether this be through the team gladly sharing their expertise with others or the faultless customer service that is provided every day. We catch up with CEO and awardee Tristan, who tells us more about his business and dedication to the sector. of industry boards, the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association and Cape Coral Construction Industry Association, respectively. Regardless of who has been at the helm across the company’s operation for almost a decade, the overarching mission of the business has remained the same since day one, to make a positive difference in Florida’s building and contracting space. Whether a customer needs a new roof on their dream home, is reroofing their second home, or taking advantage of the company’s commercial roofing service, the commitment to this ethos is clear across the board. As Tristan explains, “this philosophy has propelled explosive growth and enabled Trademark Roofing to give back to the community.” From tile roofing, to metal, asphalt, and solar roofing solutions, services offered by Trademark are plentiful, but one key project that Tristan tells us about saw the company contracted for a Tilcor brand stone-coated steel reroofing job, a complex project that necessitated the tearing off and disposing of existing tiles and standing seam, replacing them with

9 some of the finest stone-coated steel that the market has to offer, boasting a 50-year warranty. At 90 squares and inclusive of an air-conditioned bank consisting of five external units two stories in the air, this was no easy undertaking, but two weeks later when the work was finished, the client was overjoyed with the state of the completed project. This is just one example of the fantastic work carried out by the team every single day, and five simple steps are at the heart of ensuring that a high level of consistency is present when it comes to taking on new customers and completing projects to the best of their ability. Kicking off this process is the scheduling of an inspection, whereby the team will visit a property, understand exactly what it is that a client seeks to get out of using the company’s services, before assessing the current state of the roof. The second stage involves reviewing the project with a representative, before stage three sees the crew set about working out the best solution in collaboration with a client, and only then is the dotted line signed. Step number four is undoubtedly the best, with a client provided the opportunity to watch this team of professionals at work, and witness as the project transforms their home for the better, with a new roof that is sure to turn the heads of everybody that walks by, as well as a client’s neighbours. In fact, one of the primary ways that Trademark secures its customers is through them seeing the quality of the work firsthand, and upon realising how good their neighbour’s new roof looks, they make the decision to invest in their own, providing their home with a new lease on life. Tangent aside, the fifth and final step, writing a testimonial, is entirely optional, but customers are often so impressed that they happily share the experience. Referencing this method, Tristan tells us, “we provide a simple approach to a complicated problem. You can count on Trademark Roofing to be there every step of the way.” A holistic approach such as this has proven necessary in Tristan and the team establishing a firm hold in such a competitive industry, and as CEO, it is Tristan’s responsibility to manage the company’s tactics when it comes to standing out. This is a particular forte for Tristan, who focuses on all things company image, marketing, and business development. Providing a baseball analogy, he explains, “I enjoy being able to play all the positions on the field […] BUT, delivering when it counts is my speciality!” As for the specific methods he has adopted in order to achieve this, Tristan tells us, “when we are working with a customer, we [make a] list to establish the wants versus the needs. Based on the conversation we try to provide multiple solutions that fit within the established parameters.” He continues, “this approach puts the customer in control and allows us to be a guide. At the end of the day, we want to be the roofer of choice because of our expert craftsmanship and exceptional customer service, from first communication through final inspection.” Expanding further, he elaborates, “our technical knowledge, backed by our craftsmanship, furthers our customer’s confidence and gives them peace of mind.” Tristan is also well aware of the importance of consistency and seamlessness across the company’s services, and to this end, he personally takes responsibility for ensuring that a customer is kept in touch with a single point of contact across the entire project, with this cutting out all of the necessary re-explaining that has to be done when dealing with multiple people. Further bolstering this, a series of automated processes are in place whereby a customer is updated regularly every step of the way about progress, keeping them in the loop and further underpinning this emphasis on a seamless procedure. Working in the area that it does, the company is afforded a wealth of opportunities for the future, with these primarily revolving around Cape Coral’s status as one of the United States’ fastest-growing communities. Growth brings with it new people and new houses, and with new houses come new roofs. Looking ahead to the coming years, Tristan hopes to see more major project renovations, which challenge the team and keep them coming up with fresh and innovative solutions that serve to continually cement the company’s position at the forefront of this sector. Continued growth is expected, and numerous projects are in the pipeline, and while these cannot be disclosed just yet, the future sure looks bright. Ultimately, people select Trademark Roofing due to the five-star experiences that customers are provided with time and again, with a level of service to match that ensures all needs are taken care of and that a customer very much feels part of the project. Those in the community can enjoy the services of this hyperlocal company, with this too coming with its benefits, such as close proximity and a deep understanding of the architecture in the region. This local commitment is on display outside of the company’s services too, with it recently having sponsored the local theatre, helped to build a nearby church, and it constantly supports families in the area with special needs children. Such selfless acts, exemplary leadership, and fantastic roofing solutions have combined to result in Trademark Roofing and Tristan Starbird winning this duo of awards, and we congratulate them both on their prowess, not only in Florida, but also in the wider industry. In closing, CEO Tristan Starbird highlights the company’s distinction aptly, stating, “Trademark Roofing is much more than a roofing company, we are your neighbour who cares.” Contact: Tristan Starbird Company: Trademark Roofing Web Address: www.trademarkroofingllc.com

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 Apr23339 No matter how wonderful your property may be, there’s never any harm in adding a little extra space, or sprucing up the existing area. Be it a bathroom addition, loft conversion, room extension, or full and part refurbishment, OMNI Property Solutions seeks to deliver results that capitalise on its team’s immense expertise. Equipped with a drive to produce the best outcomes for its clients and a talent for transforming houses into homes, this award-winning building company has made quite the impression within the UK’s home construction market. Best Full-Service Building Company 2024 - South East England

11 Defining itself as ‘an extremely ambitious and driven company’ whose sights are focused on offering ‘a full and stress-free service for our clients from start to finish’, OMNI Property Solutions has become notorious for its ability to adapt spaces into exemplary environments that perfectly reflect the personalities of various homeowners. And, as evidenced by its portfolio, OMNI Property Solutions has successfully achieved this very outcome time and time again. Each project is approached with an avid dedication that truly shines through the completed product, with its impeccable craftsmanship showcased in all aspects of every reinvented space. Though each property brings its own share of challenges, OMNI Property Solutions doesn’t view these as roadblocks, but instead opportunities to convey its knack for formulating clever, yet creative, approaches. Partner this with the fact that the company prides itself on its problem solving capabilities, and you’ve got a firm whose mastery is impossible to overlook. However, despite its team possessing boundless levels of creativity and passion, OMNI Property Solutions is committed to carefully following the guidance of its clients. It views the process as a collaborative one – from start to finish, and beyond – and therefore discusses every decision made with its customers in order to truly capture their individual essence. Helping clients make the right choices for them is the backbone of OMNI Property Solutions’ projects, and it simply builds upon this framework to create something truly astounding. As such, it has focused its efforts of developing its creative prowess, all while ensuring that it’s equipped with the highest quality materials, tools, and personnel in order to guarantee brilliant results. Additionally, OMNI Property Solutions looks to maintain a consistent work schedule – one that promotes an uncontested level of organisation throughout each project. In doing so, clients are able to closely monitor the process, while the company’s team flawlessly adheres to a pre-planned time frame. This, in essence, eliminates the risk of unnecessary stress and strain, ultimately ensuring a reliable partnership between client and collective. As an extension specialist, OMNI Property Solutions provides trustworthy services that, at their heart, centre around bringing a client’s ideas to life. Throughout the planning, design, quotation, and building process, the company engages with the individual needs and desires of every person involved, ultimately creating a healthy environment in which each project participant can thrive. That isn’t to say, however, that OMNI Property Solutions’ expertise ends with extensions – it also offers loft conversions, full or part refurbishments, bathroom installations, and general painting and decorating services to any customer wanting to spruce up their space. Combined with its dedication to remaining open and honest, OMNI Property Solutions has quickly become the most dependable company of its nature within the South East of England’s market. However, what really distinguishes OMNI Property Solutions amongst such a competitive industry is how it approaches the meaning of dedication. This is represented through the company’s consistent pattern of only taking on one big project at a time. As a collective whose primary priority is the satisfaction of its clients, OMNI Property Solutions goes the extra mile to focus ample time and attention on a single project, as opposed to tackling a variety at once. As such, it’s able to concentrate its resources on exploring the individuality of each endeavour, allowing it to remain fixated on achieving the desired outcome for every client. This is what makes OMNI Property Solutions truly unique, and is what stands as its most compelling trait. Yet, another aspect of OMNI Property Solutions that clients find themselves appreciating on a daily basis is the company’s unrelenting honesty. In fact, it’s this nature upon which the collective is built – it recognises that clients deserve upfront and honest communication, in a world where prices and costs are fluctuating at a frustrating rate. OMNI Property Solutions, however, fully breaks down its quotations so clients can see exactly what they’re paying for, with every part of the bigger picture being on display at all times. This approach completely removes the risk of misunderstandings and grey areas, giving clients the opportunity to relax as their spaces are renovated into the rooms they’ve always wanted. Though OMNI Property Solutions is currently thriving within its field, this innovative company still has its eyes on further improvement in the near future. Every year brings new opportunities for the team to further develop its skills and products, as well as a variety of exciting new projects. Through these ventures, OMNI Property Solutions is looking to discover new ways to approach age old problems, all to bring a new breath of life to both its clients’ homes and the industry as a whole. Truly, OMNI Property Solutions is a building company whose commitment to quality is set to see it further succeed as it builds upon the already stellar foundations it has tirelessly created. In short, OMNI Property Solutions is a full management building company that takes clients’ ideas and replicates them in the real world to the highest degree of quality. Its portfolio, available on its website, stands as an excellent testament to this, with each project perfectly demonstrating the capabilities of this exceptionally devoted firm. It’s for this reason that OMNI Property Solutions has earned itself a place among the best within the UK’s build market, and we can’t wait to see what new projects it takes on as it continues its advance through 2024. Contact: Srdan Bijelica Company: OMNI Property Solutions Ltd Web Address: https://www.omnipropertysolutions.co.uk/ Email: [email protected]

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 Most Trusted Property Snagging Surveyor 2024 – UK Established for 8 years, HomeSnag is a building snagging company with a reputation for a thorough but fair process. It raises any issues that do not abide by the building regulations or NHBC. Its main service is carrying out surveys for homeowners. This includes the new PCI (Pre-Completion Inspection) as part of the NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) instruction. HomeSnag also carries out work for several large developers such as David Wilson Homes and others. Working in various regions across the country, properties are inspected prior to the customer moving in. HomeSnag has a mission to hold developers accountable for poor workmanship, but also to praise where appropriate for good quality homes. Its core value is to provide customers with a great level of customer service. It puts its company’s success down to a group effort from both its admin team and its surveyors. HomeSnag has recently faced an important company evolution. It has been building a new system and concurrently bringing its staff up to speed with training. This is all to do with the previously mentioned PCI (Pre-Completion Inspection). This was a change that came into play in the Autumn of 2022, when the government implemented Ombudsman scheme NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) was released. What this means is that companies like HomeSnag are now allowed to survey new build developments pre-completion. Historically, this was not a requirement, and many developers would deny access in favour of carrying out surveys only once homeowners had moved in. To implement the new changes, NHQB released guidelines and a new template to follow. A recent challenge HomeSnag had was to implement a software solution that encompassed the new rules. It also had to ensure all staff were trained on the software and new processes. Additionally, it needed to make sure all staff had the credentials necessary to carry out the PreCompletion inspections –as it was a requirement to be members of RICS or the RPSA. Several different companies were approached and trialled to find a suitable app that would fit the bill. Problems occurred such as data being lost, not having a signal on site, or simply extortionate costs. This made it clear to HomeSnag that it would have to build its own app. This took several months of non-stop work refining and testing, but ultimately it resulted in a stable and user-friendly app that was also much more economical. Happily, this meant savings could be passed on to customers. It also meant HomeSnag was the first company on the market to be able to offer PCIs. HomeSnag is often able to provide homeowners with knowledge of issues, or reassurance of good quality in their new home. However, it is a very competitive industry. Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, many site managers and/or tradespeople have turned their hands to snagging houses themselves. However, while it is one thing to be good at snagging a house as a sole trader, it is quite another to be able to run a profitable business on a larger scale and maintain the quality for customers. Where HomeSnag stands apart is in ensuring it projects trustworthiness to our customers. It HomeSnag is an award-winning building snagging company whose hardworking surveyors and admin teams are experienced in providing and advising customers on the best course of action regarding their homes. Fully qualified staff make the home move journey as easy as possible for both customers and property developers. is also populated by qualified surveyors that are members of the likes of RICS, RPSA and CIOB. As a company they are part of The Property Ombudsman Service and have featured on BBC and ITV news items. The company also excels in providing customers with a high level of service from the point of booking and onwards. It can offer technical solutions ranging from heat loss surveys to borescope checks on cavity walls. Concentrating on the main issues, beyond cosmetics, makes the surveys fair on developers. It also does not give unrealistic expectations to the customer. On a day-to-day basis, customers tend to be more concerned about important aspects that may impede them in the long run. They want to know if their house is properly insulated so they don’t pay more for heating, or they want reassurance there are not breaches in building regulations or NHBC tolerances that'll cause issues down the line. This is where HomeSnag, the award winning Most Trusted Snagging Survey Company 2024, shines. It has staff who will go above and beyond to service its customers, and we are sure to see it continue helping its customers for many years to come. Company: HomeSnag Web Address: www.homesnag.co.uk Phone number: 0203 793 3588

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 Kwiktech is a revolutionary DIY system that joins and braces hollow metal tube in just 5 seconds by using innovative rated connectors. It’s the easier way to build anything, anywhere. Equipped with just a tape measure and standard power tools, this system allows individuals of any skill level or technical expertise to build strong and true frameworks with absolutely no experience required. DIY Steel Framing System Innovator of the Year 2024 Contact: Nick Schutz Company: Kwiktech Web Address: https://kwiktech.com.au/ Kwiktech's steel framing system is the perfect choice for those wanting to save time and money, and improve their skills by completing their own projects. This all-in-one solution makes it easy to create perfectly square structures using joining, bracing, and reinforcing techniques typically associated with wood construction, but with the strength of steel. Whether you require a basic gate assembly, or need to tackle a more complex project like a cyclone-rated shed, Kwiktech provides clear instructions, the connector kits, and lists of required materials to ensure you start your DIY journey with everything you need. Traditionally, metal construction solutions have almost always required welding, a prospect that can seem overwhelming for DIY beginners, and can also be dangerous and costly. The need for welding is completely eliminated with Kwiktech. This process is up to three times faster, significantly less complex and requires no trade or technical skills. Kwiktech’s products have been pioneered by Nick Schutz, a skilled Boilermaker/Welder, who has devoted nearly a decade to channelling his expertise into an innovative product accessible to all, that offers a level of strength and durability comparable to welded structures It could be expected that with such simplicity comes considerable sacrifice, this is not the case. The connectors not only hold all the necessary NATA/ ISO ratings but also include UV protection, 11 available locking angles, the ability to clad on both sides of your framework to create a sleek flush finish, and the ability to function in high temperatures. With no prior industry knowledge or training necessary, Kwiktech is light-years ahead of traditional building techniques and it has been proven to save its customers time and money. Kwiktech’s joining system simplifies fabrication, reduces the risk of human error typically encountered during the cutting and welding process and almost entirely eliminates preparation work and clean-up time, This saves customers from hours of tedious work and frustration as they no longer need to struggle to cut perfect angles and manually square up. With clear instructions provided and the guesswork removed, perfectly square builds become attainable in an industry where it was previously challenging, marking a significant leap forward in innovation. Kwiktech was created to fill a sizable gap in the market, one that came about from prospective customers seeking out a solution that was easy to use, robust, and safe, enabling them to carry out their own DIY projects as opposed to having to hire expensive contractors. In addition to this, the team at Kwiktech can also play the role of Project Manager for larger projects, giving clients an encompassing solution inclusive of creating new designs with detailed instructions for custom builds, and can also offer supervision of the build. The company's approach can be best described as "tiered," offering a range of options to cater to different consumer needs. BYO/DIY (Build Your Own/Do It Yourself) offerings provide consumers with the most freedom, while larger projects and Custom Builds are tailored to client's required specifications. These Custom Builds include design works, engineering, detailed drawings, and build instructions personalized to suit the client’s needs. Additionally, the company specializes in rated sheds and “Kwiktech Builds”, all of which are professionally designed and engineered. Furthermore, each build includes an overview and material list managed by the customer's local metal supplier for utmost convenience, along with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow Build Manual. 100% Australian owned and made, Kwiktech serves as a remedy to the complex nature of assembling with hollow metal tube, eliminating possible apprehension to tackle DIY projects by providing customers with the means to craft something exceptional that exceeds their expectations.

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 Berry Bespoke Design & Build Limited is a small building contractor that excels across many facets of the building industry but possesses a particular speciality in the realm of bespoke, oneoff builds. Usually, such builds are carried out on the higher end of the property spectrum, with each requiring a keen eye for detail and an unbridled dedication to produce a finished product that exceeds the needs and expectations of its clients, who more often than not, are seeking perfection. An adherence to high standards thus dictates the company’s approach to business, with such standards abundant across every element of its offerings. Director Sam Wheeler tells us more. Best Bespoke Home Renovation & Building Company 2024 - East Midlands From digging footings to fitting kitchens, Berry Bespoke Design & Build Limited does it all, and with a commitment to having at least one member of its core staff on a site every day, its approach to open communication and putting the customer first is apparent. Covering the areas of Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Kettering, and the surrounding areas, the company’s impressive repertoire spans new builds, barn conversions, house extensions, renovations, and more. An encompassing service is provided that spans concept and design through to building and completion, transforming a house into a home and a space into a functional area. Sam Wheeler heads up this operation, doing so atop of all the relevant qualifications, having completed his NVQs in both carpentry and joinery. Across the board, the entire team are also fully trained and experienced, with each member possessing their own specialities that invariably contribute towards the overall success of the collective. A vetted member of the Federation of Master Builders, the company is also proud to display the government endorsed TrustMark rating, with this serving to represent a constant adherence to upholding exemplary principles and following a strict code of conduct at all times. With Berry Bespoke Design & Build Limited able to carry out such a wide range of projects, its portfolio is plentiful, but one key project that Sam tells us about involves the recent completion of a new build farmhouse in Hallaton, with this project demonstrating the company’s refusal to compromise and its willingness to evolve a project as it comes together. Sam explains, “the challenge was accommodating all of the changes along the way and trying to keep to schedule. One aspect that was a massive challenge, but we managed to get to work, was utilising the massive loft space and managing to access it via the main staircase rather than the loft hatch planned.” Since sizeable projects such as this cost a lot of money, Sam prioritises competitive quoting, but when given the chance, he relishes sitting down with a customer to be as transparent as possible regarding the specifics. Such an honest and open approach always goes down well with customers and represents the start of a great relationship that spans the entire project, and often leads to repeat work. As Sam tells us, “whether good or bad, customers just want to be kept in the loop”, and by ensuring that they are well-informed through effective communication, the business ensures a seamless project experience every time. Aside from its building of bespoke houses from scratch, Sam emphasises the wealth of knowledge and experience that the team have with other projects. From extensions to joinery, landscaping, and bathrooms, not every project undertaken by the team is a new build, and alongside one of their current new build undertakings, the extension of a local brewery is underway. With Sam and the crew creating a bar at the bottom of this brewing company, they are showcasing their talents in the field of industrial and steel frame buildings. Remaining adaptable is the key to succeeding in this market, particularly in the current landscape where raw materials are seeing constant price rises and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled labourers who genuinely care about the quality of completed work. In an attempt to manage the impacts of such shifts, Sam tells us, “we aim to continue working for other clients in building their dream homes and extensions but are also in the process of building our own small developments to sell.” Those living in the region and in need of a reliable, knowledgeable, and skilled workforce for their building contracting requirements should look no further than Berry Bespoke Design & Build Limited, a company guaranteed to provide an excellent service in a friendly and straightforward manner. Contact: Sam Wheeler Company: Berry Bespoke Design & Build Limited Web Address: www.berrybespoke.uk

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2024 Most Innovative Bespoke Home Builder & Land Development Enterprise 2024 - Ontario It is the mission of SanDiego Homes Inc. to provide its customers with a project that wholly embodies the steadfast commitment it has to its craft, as well as something that represents the dedication of the Rizzardo family, who own and operate the business and afford every creation with personalised attention to even the slightest detail. Excellence is strived for across the board, and it is present throughout the business’ multi-faceted approach, from design to construction, service, and innovation. This award-winning home builder has been showered with awards and accomplishments over the years, but its overarching aim remains simple. To give back to the community it calls home. Deeply rooted in the Simcoe County region, SanDiego Homes is bolstered by a unique vision regarding both home building and land development, leveraging its years of experience, high quality products, and commitment to pioneering a new way of doing things to continuously fortify itself as existing at the very forefront of Ontario’s property and land development sector. At the heart of this success is the innate love and passion apparent across the Rizzardo family, who seek to express this tangibly by taking the uppermost care from foundations to footings, floors to roofs, and stairs to railings. Every corner of every home they build is marked against these self-imposed high standards, leading to consistent distinction. As a proud family business, SanDiego Homes offers a bespoke service that is guaranteed to be personable, friendly, and helpful, with a member of the family being on-hand across every stage of the process to guide a customer through, from sales to overseeing construction and ensuring satisfaction with the completed projected. The team are highly confident in their ability to attain this, as their primary emphases are quality construction, builds that are ENERGY STAR certified, and exceeding all of the necessary standards put in place by the building code. One of very few ENERGY STAR builders operating in the region, customers can rest assured that their home is both saving them money and benefiting the planet. SanDiego Homes specialise in crafting bespoke and innovative homes that are suitable for any generation, from first-time buyers through to large families, empty nesters, and even those seeking in-law suites or property with rent potential. A big part of the appeal for these homes is the community that is fostered, with a prime example of this being the company’s Riverside Living development in the town of Angus. This community is encompassed by beautiful woodland trees, the shores of Nottawasaga and Pine River, rolling parks, and tree-lined streets, with the perfect balance also being struck between nature and amenities, as schools, a golf club, beach, and recreational centres all grace the community. Not only is the landscape beautiful, but so too are the homes, with Riverside Living boasting a series of homes that are inspired by Victorian architecture and possess such timeless and elegant features as clay brick or stone elevations, columns, and quaint bay windows, as well as soaring entryways and covered porches that provide a homely feel while also succeeding in connoting a smart, bold appearance. Aside from these traditional features, these abodes can have up to three garages, perfect for DIYers or big families needing lots of space. With these beautiful homes available in such styles as backsplits, bungalows, and two-storey detached singles, there really is something for everybody. Riverside Living is a terrific community on offer from SanDiego Homes, with this area currently experiencing a quick-closing sale on some of its final homes, with dozens of options available inclusive of some luxury upgrades. Located in Angus, the largest community in Essa Township, homes in this area are renowned for their quality brick and stone builds, with superior finishes that are certain to make those moving in overjoyed with the quality of their new home. In a similar vein to Lakeside Living, a series of amenities are too available, including the Tiffin Centre for Conservation, the chance to play golf at Tangle Creek, and even ski at Barrie Snow Valley Ski Resort. In short, whatever it is that a customer seeks out of a new home can be found at a SanDiego Homes Inc. development, from a fantastic community to exemplary craftsmanship and everything in between. With such distinctions in tow, it easy to see why the company is being featured in this awards programme, celebrated as the Most Innovative Bespoke Home Builder & Land Development Enterprise 2024 – Ontario. Contact Details Contact: Jessica Rizzardo Company: SanDiego Homes Inc. Web Address: https://www.sandiego-homes.ca/