Home Builder Awards 2023

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2023 32 HomeSnag was the first company on the market to be able to offer PCIs. HomeSnag is often able to provide homeowners with knowledge of issues, or reassurance of good quality in their new home. However, it is a very competitive industry. Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, many site managers and/or tradespeople have turned their hands to snagging houses themselves. However, while it is one thing to be good at snagging a house as a sole trader, it is quite another to be able to run a profitable business on a larger scale and maintain the quality for customers. Where HomeSnag stands apart is in ensuring it projects trustworthiness to our customers. It is also populated by qualified surveyors that are members of the likes of RICS, RPSA and CIOB. As a company they are part of The Property Ombudsman Service, and have featured on BBC and ITV news items. The company also excels in providing customers with a high level of service from the point of booking and onwards. It can offer technical solutions ranging from heat loss surveys to borescope checks on cavity walls. Concentrating on the main issues, beyond cosmetic, makes the surveys fair on developers. It also does not give unrealistic expectations to the customer. On a day to day basis, customers tend to be more concerned about important aspects that may impede them in the long run. They want to know if their house is properly insulated so they don’t pay more for heating, or they want reassurance there are not breaches in building regulations or NHBC tolerances that’ll cause issues down the line. This is where HomeSnag, the award winning Most Trusted Snagging Survey Company 2023, shines. It has staff who will go above and beyond to service its customers, and we are sure to see it continue helping its customers for many years to come. Company: HomeSnag Web Address: www.homesnag.co.uk Phone number: 0203 793 3588 stablished for 7 years, HomeSnag is a building snagging company with a reputation for a thorough but fair process. It raises any issues that do not abide by the building regulations or NHBC. Its main service is carrying out surveys for homeowners. This includes the new PCI (Pre-Completion Inspection) as part of the NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) instruction. HomeSnag also carries out work for several large developers such as David Wilson Homes. Working in various regions across the country, properties are inspected prior to the customer move in. HomeSnag has a mission to hold developers accountable for poor workmanship, but also to praise where appropriate for good quality homes. Its core value is to provide customers with a great level of customer service. It puts its company’s success down to a group effort from both its admin team and its surveyors. HomeSnag has recently faced an important company evolution. It has been building a new system and concurrently bringing its staff up to speed with training. This is all to do with the previously mentioned PCI (Pre-Completion Inspection). This was a change that came into play in the Autumn of 2022, when the government implemented Ombudsman scheme NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) was released. What this means is that companies like HomeSnag are now allowed to survey new build developments pre-completion. Historically, this was not a requirement, and many developers would deny access in favour of carrying out surveys only once homeowners had moved in. To implement the new changes, NHQB released guidelines and a new template to follow. A recent challenge HomeSnag had was to implement a software solution that encompassed the new rules. It also had to ensure all staff were trained on the software and new process. Additionally, it needed to make sure all staff had the credentials necessary to carry out the Pre-Completion inspections –as it was a requirement to be members of RICS or the RPSA. Several different companies were approached and trialled to find a suitable app that would fit the bill. Problems occurred such as data being lost, not having a signal on site, or simply extortionate costs. This made it clear to HomeSnag that it would have to build its own app. This took several months of non-stop work refining and testing, but ultimately it resulted in a stable and userfriendly app that was also much more economical. Happily, this meant savings could be passed on to customers. It also meant Most Trusted Snagging Survey Company 2023 - UK HomeSnag is an award-winning building snagging company whose hardworking surveyors and admin teams are experienced in providing and advising customers on the best course of action regarding their homes. Fully qualified staff make the home move journey as easy as possible for both customers and property developers. E Jan23075