Home Builder Awards 2023

14 BUILD Home Builder Awards 2023 As if Manuel’s extensive skillset wasn’t enough, he is also incredibly attentive when it comes to the sustainability of his projects. Manuel Zacher is dedicated to putting together projects that stand the test of time, and he’s able to achieve this through his careful and thorough installations. This way, the quality and longevity of his work is guaranteed. You simply can’t pass up the opportunity to have such a long-lasting aesthetic upgrade to your living space. Regardless of your idea, Manuel Zacher and his team of experts will be able to create it, as though they’ve looked into your mind to see your vision themselves. With an ethos that ‘anything is possible’ and ‘can’t do it… doesn’t exist’, Manuel Zacher has been able to construct a confidence within his client base that has led to his overwhelming success in the field. Each client he’s worked with has been left with a truly beautiful result that has completely transformed their lives, and none of it could have been achieved without such a masterful group of thoughtful individuals behind it. Characterized by a wealth of ideas, attention to detail and technical know-how, Manuel Zacher is able to bring any idea to life. And, in doing so, the team will accompany you on site to ensure that each and every step is going exactly the way you want it to. It’s almost impossible to express just how devoted to its clients the team behind Manuel Zacher is. But with such a solid standard of practise that is strictly adhered to by every employee, it quickly becomes evident to anyone that this is a business that puts you and your space first. So, if it’s a small piece of your home that needs a fresh set of tiles, or an entire overhaul of your surroundings is what you’re looking for, Manuel Zacher will bring its all to the table to truly encapsulate what it means to be a tiling business. Every request will become a passion project from start to finish, and you’ll come out of the process with a result that simply can’t be achieved by any other company. Tiling has just been revolutionised, so be a part of the new tiling age with Manuel Zacher and his team. Contact: Manuel Zacher Company: Manuel Zacher Tiling Web: https://www.manuel-zacher.de/ anuel Zacher is a man with an overwhelming passion for everything tile, stone and mosaic. With just one look of an area, he’s able to envision how to transform it into something truly beautiful, and holds a tiling skillset unlike any other. Due to this intense love for the craft, he has already managed to guide his business towards award after award, resulting in a reputation that’s nothing short of astounding. Every client is guaranteed to receive a service that goes above and beyond to make their interior design dreams come true. If you opt to work alongside Manuel Zacher, you’ll quickly find that you’re partnering with a business that lives and breathes its field of expertise. No request is too outlandish – in fact, the bolder the better. Manuel has a way with tiling that’ll completely change a single area in little to no time, all thanks to his business’s efficient work pace. However, despite being able to complete projects quickly, every step of the process is considered with absolute precision. This is all owed to the mastery that the brilliant Manuel Zacher has accumulated over the lifespan of his business. So, regardless of your request, Manuel Zacher will be there to recommend the best of the best to ensure you end up with a result that truly surpasses any of your expectations. He’ll be able to aptly advise you on which materials would be best for the job, and has a long list of different tiles, mosaics and stone to choose from. As such, there isn’t a single finish that can’t be accomplished in some shape or form. Whether you’re looking for a straight-edged design, patterned with beautiful mosaics, for your kitchen, or a more neutral, yet curved, tiling for your bathroom, Manuel Zacher will guarantee that your space will look exactly how you want it to, if not better. Additionally, Manuel Zacher isn’t just limited to mosaics, tiling and stonework. As well as being adept in utilising these materials to their fullest potential, he is also incredibly wellversed in the usage of glass, granite, marble, slate, and many more materials. From this, Manuel is able to not only refit your interior with stunning tiling that’ll bring a whole new breath of life to your home, but also invest his skillset into outdoor projects too. So, if you have a patio or porch in need of an overhaul, nobody is better for the job than Manuel Zacher. Bathroom & Interior Specialists of the Year 2023 - Germany Tiling presents a whole array of opportunities for your property. Though practical and essential in a selection of rooms within the home, tiles hold a far more aesthetic usage than most businesses understand. However, the brilliant minds behind Manuel Zacher Tiling are keenly aware of the art that a fantastic tiling application can create, and how it can enhance your property to levels that you may have never even thought of. Join us as we explore how Manuel Zacher came to understand the art of tiling, and how it reached the award-winning status that it holds today. M Jan23592