Home Builder Awards 2022

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2022 16 Jan22251 wiktech is a brand new way of looking at the fabrication of metalwork. The team have taken an approach that puts a whole new spin on this essential part of the construction industry, allowing people with minimal skills to get involved. Instead of depending on centuriesold techniques, the firm has pushed boldly forward through stateof-the-art technology and cutting edge manufacturing. The success of the team’s approach comes from an attitude that embraces practicality above all else. The genius of the team’s design is that it simplifies construction. When using Kwiktech, there is no manufacturing, welding, metal preparation, painting, specialist tools or squaring up required. The Kwiktech connection is concealed within the hollow metal, the size of which depends on either the cosmetic demands of the design or its engineering requirements. In larger hollow metal sections, multiple Kwiktech connections can be used. Engineering is simply calculated from the extensive certified testing results of the Kwiktech connection with load, tension and compression forces. Each Kwiktech design is bespoke-developed for a specific purpose and this allows for the creation of an easy-to-follow DIY build manual. The team relies on many different companies to draft and engineer these robust designs. Each has mastered the utilisation of Kwiktech over the years, ensuring they have been able to reach new heights of success. The team also depend on detailed customer feedback to inform further innovation with a focus on continuous improvement from conception to completion. The approach of Kwiktech has always been to make products that are accessible to all and can be used by anyone. Since the launch of the business, Kwiktech’s main focus has been on the DIY market and this is a segment of the construction industry that has thrived over the last two years due in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, the pandemic has also seen the cost of materials rise significantly which has presented its own challenges. Balancing the needs of the market at this difficult time has been far from straightforward, but crucial to achieving success. The team have developed numerous solutions for their clients over the years, ranging from a recent staircase design that saw the Kwiktech connection concealed within the hollow metal itself through to their most recent project where they are currently developing a freestyle Motocross ramp. The incredible range of projects the team are constantly looking to develop is part of the key to their remarkable success. When people turn to the Kwiktech team, they do so because they know that they will receive a cost-effective, simple to build fabrication solution. Their work is of the highest calibre, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is available within the industry. Kwiktech’s versatility within both the construction sector and the DIY market means that not only are the components built to withstand the toughest conditions, but the business is too. Company: Kwiktech Name: Nick Schutz Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.kwiktech.com.au K The construction industry is always looking for new ways of working, and the team at Kwiktech have proven essential, many thanks to their innovative approach to the fabrication of light hollow metal. Sitting comfortably as part of its own industry, the team have achieved astonishing success in BUILD’s Homebuilder Awards 2022. We take a closer look to discover more. Most Versatile Light Hollow Metal Fabrication System 2022: Kwiktech