Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 48 or more than three decades, the multidisciplinary developer, Venetian Development Group, has dedicated itself to bringing dream homes to life across the Greater Toronto Area. Specialist in Design Build and Project Management services, Venetian Development is dedicated to realising custom luxury homes, low-rise residential development, and mixed-use, high- rise communities, all of which adhere to a philosophy that incorporates sustainability and timeless architecture. President of Venetian Development, Morris Bonakdar, is a well- established master of the custom homebuilding industry, passionate about innovative interior design, devoted to meticulous craftmanship, and committed to superior customer service. These attributes are embedded into the very fabric of Venetian Development, a design company that begins every project with the client and their needs, tastes, ambitions and lifestyles. These are the foundations from which the team can build architectural spaces that are truly unique, functional and exquisitely constructed and crafted, right down to the smallest detail. As such, communication is the central pillar of Venetian Development’s operations. From concept to completion, the team works alongside its clients throughout the design-build process, either as a partner or as a project manager. Prioritising the creation of strong relationships with clients, traders, suppliers and a network that spans the industry, Venetian Development is able to bring together expertise and resources to deliver projects that are practical, timeless and sustainable, incorporating forward-thinking innovation that ensures the homes it creates leaving lasting, positive impressions. 23 Lauderdale is one such project that achieves all of these objectives. A mastery of fine architectural and interior design, an ingenious layout that has brought harmony to the space, and all the exquisite details and finishes that make this a uniquely Venetian Development home, 23 Lauderdale is the shining light of the group’s custom home program. The award-winning project is testament to the keen eye and skill of Morris and his team, that is expertly employed in every one of their projects. For Venetian Development, it is not enough to just offer expertise and skill to a project. The team is also dedicated to taking full accountability and responsibility for the dream homes of their clients, even in the face of adversity and challenge. Like Best Completed Luxury Home (Ontario): 23 Lauderdale Venetian Development Group, the Ontario-based multidisciplinary developer led by Morris Bonakdar, is a multi-award-winning specialist in custom luxury homes and the development of residential communities in the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We take a closer look at Venetian Development and explore the factors that have led to international success. F Jan21492 so many others, the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected much of the group’s activity, but it has also shone a light on the advantages of Venetian Development’s work as well. Its community of luxury bungalow town homes in Uxbridge, for instance, exhibits country living at its finest, and has provided a means for clients to escape city living for the quieter suburbs. As Venetian Development continues to develop homes both in and outside of thriving city centres, clients across the Greater Toronto Area are able to rely on the firm for a custom solution that is sure to suit them and the unique needs of their families. Whether it’s a comfortable dwelling in the calm suburbs of Toronto, or a functional, contemporary apartment, such as those within the multitower, mixed use high-rise in the heart of the city that will come to fruition by 2024, Venetian Development is devoted to creating luxury dream homes that accommodate modern living in all its many forms. Contact: Morris Bonakdar Company: Venetian Development Group Ltd Web Address: Venetiangroup.ca