Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 4 Jan21321 ASK is an interior design studio creating boutique home décor solutions for its clients. Operating with turn-key processes and born out of a love of beauty and all things aesthetic, TASK is a black woman owned and high-end bespoke creator based in Johannesburg. It serves both its local region and the continent at large, with a growing client list that is ever-expanding due to the stunning word of mouth reviews and testimonials this business receives for its work. Above all, its mission is to create spaces that truly reflect the individuality of a person, understanding a client on a level of depth that will be reflected in the design. TASK understands that interior design is an intrinsically personal process that can involve a lot of soul searching, and so it has built its empathic processes around facilitating this. Beyond aesthetics, TASK is concerned with creating a space that will allow function and flourishing for its client. It will work to create an area that is both beautiful and practical, one that fits around the business of everyday life. Its interior design services are therefore full service and operate at the best level of competency, offering space planning, remodelling, 3D visualisation, curated sourcing, interior styling, original artworks, and full project management and installation. Its motto is ‘innovation through collaboration’, and it strives to create a partnership with its client that will forge a fast friendship, seeing them return time after time. TASK has indeed been accomplishing this at an impressive rate; its portfolio is increasing exponentially as it scales its business with its client list. Whilst this has been a steep learning curve to keep up with demand, it is committed to rising to the challenge. Having recently completed two of its favourite projects, a large luxury building in Sandhurst and a holiday home in Durban, it has been able to show through these the scope of its capabilities. Far from being pigeonholed to one aesthetic or feel, TASK prides itself on being able to adapt a space to fit even the strictest of specifications. However, something that it excels at above all else is colour. ‘Madame Langa is all about colour,’ TASK told us, and through looking at its past work this shines through in spaces that speak for themselves. Through Best Boutique Decor Design Firm - Gauteng Fast on its way to becoming Africa’s top voice in interior design, TASK is a Johannesburg based company led by one of the industry’s most influential people. It reflects on the fast-paced growth that has taken it from start-up to grown-up, and what about its processes make it stand out so boldly. T