Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 32 stablished in 2008, London Design Build started out as a small family business with a keen interest in the construction industry. Over time, as it built and grew, it refined its approach and its processes until it became the trusted residential construction and renovation company it is today, providing services across London. It prides itself on its excellent service and dedication, with a staff who provide an expert eye, something its clients hold up as an example of the best in the sector. It specialises foremost in extensions, loft conversions, new builds, property refurbishment, bathroom installation, kitchen design and installation, and brickwork, but is proficient in all manner of construction jobs. Working with fully qualified and registered tradespeople and operating under a 10-year insurance backed warranty, London Design Build is all about building and maintaining trust. Its teams therefore work with a client to realise their vision with personable attitudes and professional work ethic. Despite its expansion, London Design Build has maintained the values upon which it was founded, striving to keep the family ethos as its core and the client at the centre of its vision. It has worked on a multitude of high valued jobs in and around London and the Home Counties; and every job to it is a new challenge that it approaches with enthusiasm and rigour, funnelling all dedication and commitment behind it to ensure they always meet and surpass expectations. Its dedication to being the best has resulted in an internal culture of ambition and desire for constant development. This has meant that London Design Build keeps an eye on its industry for fresh technical, technological, or design changes that it could bring to its clients, and thus its expertise and knowledge is without flaw. Above all, London Design Build’s mission is to complete projects on time, within budget, and to specification. A simple but effective credo, this drives the business to operate with the utmost transparency, letting clients be an integral part of the build process. Far from simply establishing their ideas at the beginning, this company wishes for the client’s voice to be heard throughout, and for the client to be able to keep tabs on things should they wish to. It will keep a customer up to date throughout the entire build process of a client’s ‘dream home’. Designing the Future of London’s Homes A company paving its own path towards becoming an industry darling, London Design Build has been awarded the title of the ‘Most Dynamic Residential Design/Build Company’ for the city of London and surrounding areas. E Feb21218 Therefore, it will always produce something that is not just perfectly matching their demands, but something that is reliable, dependable, and shows the dedication to excellence of the people who worked on it. London Design Build understands that a client will want their bespoke home to be perfect. Its designers each are experienced and have a depth and breadth of knowledge, shown by impressive portfolios; their guidance can take an idea from good to great. In everything, it seeks to impress. Additionally, it thinks of its work as collaborative, of the project as a joint labour of love between its team and the client that is akin to the creation of a piece of art. It is this attitude towards its clients that earns it so much repeat custom and glowing word of mouth referrals that have made it a household name. Furthermore, it is flexible; London Design Build understands that life is busy, and many of its clients have very little time to spare. Therefore, it works to their schedule and alleviates the pressure that house renovation can cause, available 24 hours a day to provide help and support. With such a staunch dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty, London Design Build has cemented its position in its industry and region. Its stunning portfolio is available online, and it can be reached through its Islington office or website. Company: London Design Build Contact: Yash Kumar Website: https://londondesignbuild.co.uk/contact-us/ Most Dynamic Residential Design/Build Company - London