Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 28 he Modern Methods of Construction market has become incredibly competitive over the last few years, with businesses embracing the potential of offsite manufacturing combined with onsite techniques. For the team behind Bluefin, it’s an approach which has allowed us to thrive, offering clients a personalised solution to the housing problem that the UK currently faces. Bluefin is a relatively small addition to the building marketplace, but has made a name for itself as a company that puts people first. For local authorities, housing associations and private developments, they are often the first port of call. The mission for Bluefin Living has always been to deliver and maintain high quality of housing using MMC, enabling the team to deliver netzero housing and eliminate much of the waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Like all housing projects, every scheme the team are involved in is unique, and this is why the team are able to thrive. As each housing scheme is a bespoke proposition, the team at Bluefin take the time to understand what their clients want from a project. By understanding the specifics of people’s needs, Bluefin has been consistently capable of helping people move into their first homes with as little fuss as possible. Many companies offer the client what they think they need as opposed to what they want, and Bluefin has built its entire approach around delivering exactly what is asked for. This approach has been more obvious than in the team’s specialist housing for adult care. Award-winning in its approach, the traditional Bluefin approach was adapted to implement all the technologies required to monitor people in their homes, including the implementation of thermal nano sensors to help with monitoring specialist care providers. The process faced numerous challenges from a legal perspective, but these were overcome efficiently and effectively by the team. The finished product is a testament to their hard work. This sort of innovative project would not have been possible without a team who worked in a way that was based on clear communication, understanding and transparency in every aspect. The team use Prince 2 project management to keep track of progress, so that everyone in the business is aware of where a project is and what needs to be done to progress it. By taking the time to be thorough in detail, Bluefin has been able Leading Innovator in Sustainable Home Design - UK The importance of sustainable living has inspired many new approaches to home design, with the aim of finding innovative ways of protecting the environment. The team behind Bluefin Living Ltd are leading the change in this, designing and manufacturing sustainable, affordable homes for clients across the UK. We take a look at the firm, following its success in the Homebuilder Awards to see just how they did it. T Feb21179 to build a track record of staying within budget and delivering to time on even the most difficult projects. It’s clear that robust sustainable affordable housing is the future of the industry, and the team at Bluefin are adapting so that they can be at the forefront of this exciting change. Currently, the management are in Stage 1 of merging into our own housing association. The first project will be the development and delivery of fifty specialist housing for the adult care and retirement sector. This is not the only area in which Bluefin have an interest, as they are currently putting together plans to develop a scheme wherein rough sleepers can come into a new home and sustainable pathway training program to learn how to assemble new MMC homes, at the micro factory. The social impact of this approach could transform the way the industry works, with people building their own housing as part of their work. Buildings go in and out of style, but what the team at Bluefin are doing is changing the fundamental way in which the industry works. It has been an enormous success so far, providing an asset to clients across the country. As the team looks to expand our goals, as Bluefin celebrate there current Award Winning success, Build cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Bluefin Living Ltd Name: Stephen Ford Web Address: www.bluefinliving.co.uk Email: [email protected]