Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 26 Feb21113 GS Design is an exemplary interior design company with a dedication to standing out from the crowd. It wishes to incorporate vision and enthusiasm into its work, and its small yet dedicated team of 7 staff include interior architects, interior designers, and a procurement manager; all of whom work hard to achieve this. Based in Tunbridge Wells, the designs it produces are all as unique as the clients themselves, and all high-end bespoke interiors for residential new builds, extensions, or full house renovations. The majority of SGS’s clients are families looking to change up their home, and so SGS has worked on many family’s principal residences local to them in Kent. More recently, however, it has been expanding out into London builds as well as on holiday home properties, which has allowed it to further expand its scope and explore new avenues. This has forged a fundamental element of SGS – a refusal to stagnate and a constant push towards betterment. This ambitious interior design company is forever looking for new projects, and approaches every client’s job with this drive, looking forward to seeing how it can apply its existing vast expertise and develop more. In this way, it has on occasion veered away from residential design to work on commercial projects. This has allowed SGS to network with big hitters in its industry, working with prestigious property developers on property developments that vastly benefitted from its input. Consequentially, it describes its approach to its design process as holistic. It is less concerned about finding builds that fit within its brand identity and more concerned with putting the client first to find out more about them and about the task at hand. SGS understands at its core that interior design is a very personal thing. Therefore, it takes a personable and empathic attitude to client relations, fostering an open and friendly dialogue that keeps the building and its owner at the core. By getting to know the people and the build, it can create a design that accurately reflects the personality of the owner, and one that fits flawlessly around the existing architecture of the building. It seeks to create spaces that its clients can see themselves in, and one that they will treasure for many years to come. Consequentially, it prides its ability to make highly personalised and unique designs work in tandem with the existing property’s design, weaving them together seamlessly. SGS can in this way also ensure that a space is just as practical as it is aesthetically Bringing Personality to Personal Space The ‘Best Architectural Interior Design Studio’ for Western Kent, SGS Designs is small business with a big voice making waves in its sector. Amid one of its busiest years, we catch up with this studio to discuss what has been the driving force behind its success. S appealing. With the outbreak of Covid-19 and more people confined to their residences, more people are looking to how they can reinvent their spaces, realising that these spaces need to be a viable hub for their entire life. To this end, SGS can curate an atmosphere that will allow a space to accomplish whatever a client requires of it. For example, it is currently working on a home that contains both a cinema and night club. SGS recognises the importance of keeping a client up to date throughout a build, and with constant check ins and being sensitive to working with a client’s vision, a project becomes a shared passion. It is looking forward to being able to offer one to one meetings with its clients in informal environments once again, excited to be able to visit places important to them, an exercise that allows SGS a tangible glimpse into the customer’s world. In the meantime, however, it will be continuing to rise to the increased demand for interior design caused by Covid-19, and forever continuing its blazing trail to further success. As it faces a multitude of new builds that it will be working on in 2021, it wishes to say that ‘the pleasure of what we do, really does come from variety and ongoing challenges.’ It is this mindset that fuels its optimism as it moves into the future. Company: SGS Design Ltd Contact: Sophie Stevens Website: https://sgsdesign.co.uk Best Architectural Interior Design Studio - Western Kent