Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 24 ituated in Austin, Texas, Are One Construction is a multi-award-winning, full-service construction company that carries out everything from complete custom builds to complex remodels for residential and commercial properties. Operating in a booming market of Texas, Are One sets itself apart in its inimitable ambition to deliver affordable yet high quality houses and spaces, and to become a high-end tract homebuilder with a hundred-strong team which will continue to uphold the Are One reputation for excellence for decades to come. The ambition that has been integrated into the very culture of Are One by its Founder, Gian Vito, is one of the defining features of the construction company. Having lived below the poverty line before entering the industry, Gian has since set his visions for the future high. In 2001, he was a day laborer charged with sweeping worksites, keen to learn the many tricks and skills of his trade. In 2021, he is the owner of a multi- award-winning business who has managed the construction of more than 650 houses throughout his career. After twenty years of exceptional progress, however, Gian is still keen to take a broom to every one of his worksites, ensuring that he is well- acquainted with even the minutest details of a project. Gian and his team make use of advanced construction knowledge and skill to conceptualize projects that are more cost efficient, owing to fewer mistakes and less down time. His OSHA certifications and training in Seattle where building standards are meticulous ensure clients can trust in Gian to carry out a project professionally, overseeing all elements with experienced insight to ensure projects come together efficiently and safely. Every project inevitably presents its own unique challenges, but the combination of versatility and profound knowhow ensures Gian and his team can resolve any issue with minimal disruption for clients. For instance, Are One recently completed a 2,400 square foot bespoke home in central Austin, which saw Gian having to learn fast and adapt to a building department that carried out inspections in a way he and his team had never encountered before. Having never used third-party inspections, Gian had to find and hire inspectors who could execute their services efficiently, nonetheless adding a delay to the construction progress that was only compounded by the adversities of Best First Year Home Builder - USA It has been a powerful combination of ambition and years of industry experience that has driven Gian Vito and his full-service construction company, Are One Construction, to award-winning success. Never losing sight of his humble beginnings, Gian hopes one day to retire with pride in the vast institution of construction services he has created. We find out how Gian is working to get there and the path that has led him to success so far. S Jan21177 Covid-19. Although the entire project ended up taking an additional three months, the end result was an enormous success. Moreover, Gian has now built a strong partnership with the inspectors who he can rely on for future projects, ensuring no such delay need occur again. Having experienced his own journey of growth to which he owes most of Are One’s success, Gian is keen to share all that he has learnt with aspiring entrepreneurs in the construction industry through an apprenticeship program. For Gian, a college degree is by no means essential, as one who is willing to learn a trade has everything required to make a comfortable life for themselves. However, Gian has faced challenges over the last few years, with the booming construction industry of Austin meaning there are new jobs coming in and many of his apprentices moving on before they are even half-trained. Compounded by low housing supply and potential clients choosing lowest bidders over Are One, Gian was faced with hard prospects only months ago. However, things soon turned around, with clients returning to Are One with new projects for Gian and his team to take on. With two kitchen remodels and custom home currently in the works, business activity is once again thriving for Are One. Gian has also established partnerships with local lenders that is enabling him to negotiate on a piece of land which will become his first local spec home, that will be the first step towards building his first mini tract project by 2023. In addition, Gian continues to share his decades of experience with keen apprentices, giving them the opportunity to make their own mark in a flourishing industry. “What we do is very noble - we build the structures that other families will create lasting memories in,” says Gian. “Your kid walking down the stairs on their way to the prom couldn’t happen if someone didn’t build those stairs. Your baby’s first step couldn’t happen if someone didn’t build the floor. Your dog catching a frisbee in the back yard couldn’t happen if someone didn’t build the lot. For those working in the construction industry, I salute you.” Contact: Gian Vito Company: Are One Construction Web Address: www.areoneconstruction.com