Home Builder Awards 2020

BUILD 2020 Home Builder Awards 12 Feb20023 For many, the dream is a home of their own, but instead of changing or altering what already exists, the opportunity to make something truly bespoke is tempting indeed. This newly found freedom also brings its own challenges, and they’re the sort of problems that are best dealt handled with experience and ability. NuWave Homes LLC has been operating for 35 years, and has its own well-earned reputation for excellence. We took a closer look to see how the team built their incredible success. amily owned and operated, NuWave Homes has a strong history of custom home building. With the right space, the talented team are able to make their client’s dreams come true. Bringing dreams to life is no easy feat, but when working alongside NuWave Homes, it becomes almost a joy. It’s clear to anyone that NuWave Homes has a unique commitment to making something special. Despite its 35-year history and over 1,800 homes completed, the team still works on the principle that every home is unique. This is because of their commitment to their clients, as well as making sure that the new building reflects their desires. As a project develops, the team would be sure to explain that each home takes on an identity all its own. While housing developments work in bulk to create standardized buildings, what a client gets from a NuWave Home is something thoroughly tailored to their needs. From the very first conversation, the dedication to the client is obvious. In an industry where even the question of location can be tricky, the team have your back. While a client will often come with a land or lot purchased, the company has built its own impressive portfolio of acreage tracts for those who have yet to secure premises. Clients are invited by the team to explore a model home, discuss what is wanted and needed from their new build and experience the incredible level of craftsmanship for themselves. From this initial conversation, everything from design to construction to final furnishing is worked out and developed. The work of NuWave Homes is all handled at the model house, with its offices forming part of the building. Naturally, one of the main reasons to work with NuWave Homes is to take advantage of the team’s long experience and keen eye for any flaws in the planning process. The team have a proven track record when it comes to developing house concepts into a form that matches what their clients have always wanted. When running the tour of the model home to establish what NuWave Homes can offer, the team are able to work out whether altering a template home or designing something entirely new would be a more straight-forward option. It also allows more complex matters such as what appointments are to be used and whether or not to upgrade them F Best Custom Home Builder - Western Georgia can be discussed in person. For the most part, however, the complexities of construction can happily be left in the trusted hands of NuWave Homes and its incredible contractors. Although there are always opportunities to turn to NuWave Homes for advice, the team is always quick to clarify that the final word belongs to the client. Their role is simply to be as helpful as possible when it comes to bringing dreams to life. When construction begins, it should be a straight- forward process, with a series of detailed plans and blueprints being used to ensure that the final product is clearly worked out in advance. Because of this meticulous approach, the company’s clients do not experience any major surprises during a project. When working with NuWave Homes, you don’t just buy the shell of a property, you buy the fittings for inside and out. Many of the designs that are developed for each project have incredible “Curb-Appeal”, with a timeless quality that means your new home will stand proudly for years to come. Going through the front door, the open-plan nature of a NuWave Home ensures “Room-to-Roam”, with spacious living the name of the game. With an eye on efficiency, convenience and fun, it’s no wonder that so many people consider the plans that this company offers one of its major selling points. The company has grown to become specialists in providing top quality one- level detached houses, and these buildings usually range from 2,000sq ft to over 5,000sq ft in area with extreme attention to details. In order to ensure the highest possible service from every member of the team, NuWave Homes actually limits the number of buildings it constructs. Instead of running an overflowing order book, and creating a situation where corners have to be cut, only 25 properties are built a year, none of them from the same template, all of them modified to suit the needs of the client. This is the secret move that allows the team to give each of its clients true, personalized attention. A strong line of communication is kept with clients throughout the process, with the company easy contactable during business hours by voice, text or email. This consistency helps to keep people’s minds at ease during what could be one of the more stressful activities of their lives.