2019 Homebuilder Awards

Build 2019 Homebuilder Awards 4 actus Valley Homes is Central Arizona’s 2019 leader for custom homes and remodels. Founded in 2011 by its owner Don Burns, Cactus Valley Homes has been bringing Arizona’s homeowners ideas to life through an excellent customer experience and innovative builds. Don Burns, owner of the company, is responsible for all management and leadership functions. He began his construction career as a trade student in Championship, Ohio and later worked in Arizona, building homes all over the valley as a carpenter for over 30 years. Through the years in construction Don developed an eye for quality and craftsmanship and soon became a Construction Manager, Project Manager and Area Manager for many of Arizona’s predominate home builders. Over his vast years of experience, he has obtained a high level of knowledge about conceptual design and creating a dream home for all of his clients. Through the years, Don has cultivated the importance of commitment to even the smallest detail no matter the size or length of project at hand. Loyalty and commitment to customer satisfaction are the building blocks which drives their business successfully. This has enabled Cactus Valley Homes to achieve several awards for customer service and quality products for many years now. C Best Custom Home Builder 2019 - Central Arizona & Most Outstanding in Bathroom Remodeling - Arizona Cactus Valley Homes LLC is a custom home builder who demonstrates a strong foundation of integrity, exceptional value and quality with innovative designs. As part of our overview of the winners from this year’s Homebuilder Awards, we profile the company to find out more about the services it has to offer and explore the secrets behind its success. Feb19153 Company: Cactus Valley Homes LLC Contact: Don Burns Website: http://www.cactusvalleyrr.com/ After working for major home builders throughout his career, Don decided to start his own custom home building and remodeling company. His goal was to take his knowledge, experience and expertise and create a service that is unmatched. This is shown through unique designs and innovative features in every project they complete. Cactus Valley Homes has built its reputation as Arizona’s premier home builder on the integrity of their finished product and customer experience. By focusing on superior building methods, cost efficiency, deliverable timelines and excellent quality, we strive to demonstrate the they have established a notoriety that Arizona customer’s have come to respect and enjoy. In addition, Cactus Valley Homes excels in establishing strong communi- cation with their customers to make sure their needs are fulfilled, and the “Don Burns entered the construction industry through experience as a carpenter and he developed an eye for quality, craftsmanship, and artistic design. During this time, he learned the construction trade and eventually became a construction manager.”

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