2019 Homebuilder Awards

Build 2019 Homebuilder Awards 26 Best Eco-Friendly Luxury Home Design Company – Europe & Best Bespoke UK Timber Home Design: Heartwood Renowned by Builders across Europe, Stommel Haus is a German premium manufacturer of top quality, energy efficient, bespoke luxurious eco houses. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from the 2019 Homebuilder Awards we profile the company to find out more. Thanks to the firm’s extensive experience and highly-qualified German master craftsmen, Stommel Haus can support every client in specifying and designing their dream home which the firm will manufacture, assemble and kit out on-time and in-budget. One of the firm’s latest projects in the UK was to build a bespoke home in Aberdeenshire. The main challenge for a German based off-site manu- facturer of eco homes was the delivery, assembly and fully kitting out of a house at the sheer distance of almost 1500 kilometres away. Furthermore, this was the very first house in Britain fitted with solar ice heating. The entire team were really proud of the fact that not only is this a very energy efficient house, but the owners are very happy in it. The owners now have a house which produces more energy than it consumes. Such a success would be impossible without a dedicated, expert team, and in this case and many others the Stommel Haus Sales Agent became a personal friend of the homeowners, working closely alongside them to ensure that together they created their dream home. In every project Stommel Haus’ dedicated Sales Agents work alongside the client from the very beginning of the briefing process to moving in and beyond. Alongside the Sales Agent, there is a technical project manager who is responsible during the fitting meeting until the final acceptance. Also, if there are technical questions after the handover, both the technical Pro- ject Manager and Sales Agents will work with the client, providing expert ince inception, Stommel Haus has been at the forefront of eco house design and construction. The enthusiasm for the natural and sustainable material timber drives the development. German DIN standards are now influenced by the pioneering ideas of Mr. Stommel who already in the early 1970s demonstrated that using timber in construction does not require any chemicals but clever, constructive wood protection. There are almost no limits on designs that can be built with the Stommel Haus system and Stommel Haus is proud of the variety of designs developed for their clients who build in urban environments as well as in the country side. Stommel Haus homes are custom made, pre-fabricated in Germany and assembled on site to be wind- and water tight within typically five to seven days. S Feb19144 Company: Stommel Haus UK Name: Barbara Fischer-Clark Address: Stumpsweg 10, 53819 Neunkirchen- Seelscheid, Germany Telephone Number: 00492247913393 Web Address: www.stommel-haus.co.uk E-mail : [email protected] “The key area to understand are the location of the plot and the clients’ requirements in terms of space, layout, architectural and interior styles and target budget.” “Stommel Haus “Heartwood” built in Aberdeenshire

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