2019 Homebuilder Awards

Build 2019 Homebuilder Awards 24 Best Construction Management 2019 - UK NNDEV offers a unique approach to construction consulting. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Homebuilder Awards we profile the firm to learn more about the secrets behind the success it enjoys today. Feb19046 Company: NNDEV C LTD | Name: Rikin Kerai Address: N.N.DEV Consultancy Ltd, 19-21 Cunningham House, Westfield Lane, HA3 9ED Telephone Number: +44203 882 1289 Web Address: www.nndconsultany.com NN DEV C O N S U LTA N C Y construction i.e. off-site production of two stair cores which were pre-cast offsite and delivered onsite and fitted, this saved the team eight weeks on a tight schedule. Saving time on a project is always key but to maximize that time is what makes the project an even greater success, and NNDEV have become experts at achieving this over the years. Overall, the future for NNDEV is bright as the firm seeks to grow and build upon its current success. Moving forward, the company will be launching into the property development market as developers in the coming months and in the upcoming years aims to step into a developer status alongside its current work to ensure it remains a key player in today’s construction market. stablished in 2015, NNDEV was born from its Founder’s belief that there is a new, contemporary way of achieving success. Chief Executive and Founder, Rikin Kerai, was exposed to construction from an early age. His invaluable experience gained from years of hard work in the industry’s largest contractor and construction consulting firm coupled with his idea, to bring these principles to the market place, is the reason NNDEV Consultancy Ltd exists today. By keeping true to the company’s values of family, trust and faith it has procured services of a number of budding clients from its headquarters in London, UK. These clients span a wide range of industries and sectors, including residential, public, healthcare and hospitality, education and sport, among many others. The firm’s latest project was a new build block of flats, with an underground car park in the basement and retail on the ground floor. The biggest challenges NNDEV faced were the Party Wall matters and working within a short space of time to complete the project ahead of projected time to ensure profitability. The proudest moment the firm had when working on this project was reducing time on the project by using modern methods of E “Chief Executive and Founder, Rikin Kerai, belief’s that there is a new, contemporary way of achieving success within the field of Construction and Consulting and NNDEV have become leading experts at achieving sucess over the years. Founder, Rikin Kerai is eager to grow upon its current success.”

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