2019 Homebuilder Awards

Build 2019 Homebuilder Awards 20 Best Custom Home Design Firm 2019 - Northern Italy Dedicated to creating truly spectacular creations, Bahaus Srl uses natural materials and its vast industry expertise to provide its clients with exceptional quality custom home design. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s Homebuilder Awards we profile it and share the secrets behind the firm’s success in this prestigious awards programme. Jan19641 Company: Bahaus Srl Name: Simone Bertolini Address: Via Magellano, 2, 36051, Creazzo (VI), Piazza Manifattura, 1, 38068, Rovereto (TN) Telephone Number: +3904441240340 Web Address: www.bahaus.it Bahaus Srl they need to select an option that will work for them and meet their unique needs. Wooden buildings in northern Italy are increasingly becoming as popular as traditional buildings, and as such clients are seeking innovative partners who can help them to create the space of their dreams. Bahaus works closely with its clients to ensure that they achieve an outcome the client can be proud of on every project. Looking ahead, to keep up with a growing market, especially in the wood construction sector, Bahaus will be working on a wide range of new projects throughout 2019 and beyond. The firm will collaborate with customers, designers and suppliers to create truly unique and innovative designs that will stand the test of time. rawing on the collective experience of its staff, which spans over 15 years, Bahaus is a new entrant into Italy’s custom home design market, offering its clients both the flexibility of a burgeoning company and the expertise of an established one. Specialising in working in wood, the firm offers cutting-edge solutions and unique designs to meet the needs of its varied clients. Every client can rest assured that when they work with Bahaus they will receive the very highest possible standard of service and an innovative approach to home design. The firm is dedicated to respecting both human and environmental health, a solid foundation for the construction of wooden houses and buildings. Smart home automation systems combined with air changes designed from time to time ensure comfort and ease of use, even for children. Seeking to offer clients a unique design experience, Bahaus has a team of technicians and specialized consultants and proposes as the only person who accompanies and advises the client, step by step, from planning to the delivery of new wooden constructions. Supporting the client from the beginning of the project to the very end, the firm’s expert team are able to offer them the guidance and knowledge D “Bahaus Srl offer their clients unique, innovative design experiences, the team is full of technicians and specalized consultants that assist and advise clients, step by step, from planning to the delivery of its new wooden constrctions.”

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