2018 Home Builder Awards

Build 2018 Home Builder Awards 10 ooms have power and you get in resonance with it. Optimizing and using this energy can empower a clients’ personal development, health, performance and finances and much more. Feng Shui is a millennia-old great experience science and kind of integral architecture in harmony with nature. Its goal is to mesh the human with his environment. If the room is all right, the human is as well. Feng Shui is a positive trend and belongs to the growing area of slow architecture, where practitioners find a focus on organic, sustainable and healthy building. It is very valuable for a variety of buildings of all sizes, including private homes, small and big corporations, shops and clinics. In Asia, it is a normal and vital practice to request the expertise of a Feng Shui consultant for any building-project. Thinking globally nowadays developers should also consider that for Chinese investors Feng Shui is a positive when they decide to buy real estate. As such, there has recently been a rise in the number of developers consulting with practitioners such as Bettina. As professional Imperial Feng Shui consultant she is an expert in her area. Bettina is certified by the renowned International Feng Shui Academy (Ahrensburg / Germany) which aligns with the Imperial School of Feng Shui of Master Chan Kun Wah (Hong Kong, Edinburgh). Imperial Feng Shui belongs to the most precise and powerful methods worldwide. Bettina consults successfully since many years European wide in the private and business sector and does speeches around her topic. Further she runs her blog Feng Shui News & Mindfood at www.bk-fengshui.de with news, valuable information and tips around Feng Shui and a positive style for life and business. She provides us with an insight into her work and how it benefits her clients. “Drawing on my expertise in Feng Shui, I have successfully consulted clients across Europe for many years, and also give speeches on this topic. My customers also profit from my long-term expertise as an entrepreneur and my deep business and marketing skills. I am very excited about the positive effects of Feng Shui and love to offer my clients value by providing them with a technique which helps them reach their goals and optimise their business. So far every project I have undertaken has had a positive effect on my clients. If it was higher performance, growing revenue, more success, better sleep, deeper concentration or creativity at work, higher living-quality, more harmony or generally more flow in their life, it has benefited them and allowed them to enjoy life even more. “My vision is to consult people in any kind of building projects, especially in the corporate sector, and establish Feng Shui as a vital benefit and useful, strategic tool. With my work, I want to give an essential contribution, helping to create the best possible environment for living and working. I like to cooperate with house builder or constructor and architect hand in hand so that I can be there from the very beginning and integrate my practices into the very design of the building where possible. “My integral room-concepts are settled in different kind of projects, like new building, reconstruction – from single rooms up to big building concepts – indoor and outdoor. I am modern, open-minded, flexible and deeply look into my clients’ personal needs and abilities.” Since she began her work, Bettina has managed to have a positive impact on her clients, and moving forward she will continue to do so as she seeks to work with even more clients and help them to enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui. Best Feng Shui Consultant 2018 - Germany Bettina Kohl is a professional Feng Shui Consultant with special skills in Imperial Feng Shui, a very powerful and efficient method not commonly used. She discusses her work and how she creates unique spaces designed to relax and rejuvenate her clients. R

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