Home & Garden Awards 2021

BUILD Home & Garden Awards 2021 34 ith 9 years of trading under its belt and an undying passion for its work, Eden Clay was set up by duo Mark Bowring and Andrew Patient in April of 2012. Before setting up the business as a joint venture, both were already fully immersed in the renovations and flooring industry. With over 45 years of experience between them and a commitment to excellence in their work, the two have built a company that allows them to offer a comprehensive, expertly delivered service. When Eden Clay came to the point of being able to set up a showroom, it knew that whatever the case, it didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. Thus, its showroom has been created to give the feeling of a high-end gallery over a sales area. It takes great pride in the variety it showcases, stocked by its two separate warehouses, one of which holds the tiles and wood flooring, and the other of which is used in the manufacture of the flooring. This allows a client to enjoy a different environment to Eden Clay’s competitors, one which allows them to experience the flooring in a way that showcases its best assets, allowing them to make an informed choice. Pivotally, it also imports it tiles directly from its manufacturers, most of which are based in Italy, and its wood products are imported from a singular trusted manufacturer in Europe. Its wood-based products that come from this manufacturer are its unfinished European Oak, engineered by use of a birch plywood base. When it reaches Eden Clay, it is first sent to the manufacture warehouse to be finished by hand using bespoke, advanced techniques. It uses several different techniques to produce this wooden flooring from the materials it is sent, taking great pride in saying some of its finishing techniques are ones it has perfected in-house. Its typical clientele are high-budget homeowners and commercial business owners who are looking for ways to enhance their business and impress those who walk through their doors. Because of the exemplary polish of its products, it works closely with bespoke interior designers, architects, house builders, and kitchen creation companies. In addition, its wooden flooring is completely exclusive to Eden Clay, a unique edge that has allowed it to cement itself as a cut above the rest. In addition, the bulk of its tile products are similarly only available through Eden Clay, allowing it to claim a level of prestige. It also prizes its ability to offer bespoke handmade flooring solutions that can fit to any client’s specifications, no matter how big or small that job might be. For example, its services include large format tiles, external porcelains, bespoke handmade tiles, and unusual or uncommon The winner of the ‘Best Wood Flooring Manufacturer’ award for the South East of England, Eden Clay has developed a reputation for prestige, bringing a boutique experience to high end flooring services. W Jan21053 wooden flooring options that can include metallic finishes. In tandem with this, it can also deliver longer or wider plank options to fit the flooring to the client’s space. When choosing the right flooring for the right job, Eden Clay also extends its expert advice to its clients, and takes great pains to colour match the flooring it recommends with samples or images provided by the client. It will then install and maintain the flooring once the perfect product has been chosen, a testament to its dedication for delivering longevity as well as aesthetic appeal. Its notoriety has seen it be contracted for a variety of prestigious tasks, such as working on flooring for David Gandy, David Lloyd Leisure, and the Freemasons Hall in London, all jobs it approached with skill, professionalism, and friendliness. Working hard to become the destination of choice for flooring solutions in its region, it recently upgraded its website, adding new products for remote viewing and bringing on board extra staff as it looks forward to the next stage of its growth. To this end, it undertook a lot of invaluable visibility increasing social media work in 2020, and it hopes to continue benefitting from the extra busines this has brought; stepping up to the plate as demand for domestic renovations spiked. It also acknowledges that the next few years will be difficult to predict. However, even with a dynamic and amorphous future in mind, it has high hopes that 2021 is gearing up to be another landmark year. Company: Eden Clay Contact: Mark Bowring Website: https://www.edenclay.co.uk/ Bespoke Flooring and Renovations Best Wood Flooring Manufacturer - South East England