Home and Garden Awards 2020

BUILD 2020 Home And Garden Awards 30 Jan20079 he team at PA Dutch Woodcraft has spent the last thirty years perfecting the development of beautiful hardwood furniture. Crafted by hand, over sixty Amish builders work tirelessly to ensure that customers coming to PA Dutch Woodcraft a product that is truly exceptional and lasts for a lifetime. Run by Allan Fisher, PA Dutch Woodcraft has always operated to incredibly high standards. Allan has spent years working in the business, both building and finishing off quality items. No piece of furniture is like any other, with every item that leaves the retailer adapted to suit the specific needs of a customer. It doesn’t matter whether its edge profile, the wood species, the finish, the hardware or even the size, everything can be adjusted to make sure that your perfect piece of furniture is perfect for the customer and the customer alone. The showroom is nestled in the heart of Booths Corner Farmers Market and is the ideal place to discover more about the ways in which a piece of furniture can be made unique. From the very first step, customers are made to feel like members of a larger family. Experienced furniture experts, passionate about finding the right T piece, are on hand to assist, not only recommending furniture, but color-matching to meet what customers have already and happily guiding people through the process of custom-building new pieces entirely. The goal for PA Dutch Woodcraft is always to provide exceptional service and high quality at a fair price. To ensure the highest quality, PA Dutch Woodcraft only employs the best possible manufacturers. With Allan’s experience in the field guiding the way, he is able to understand better than most how good the end-product is going to look. With so many builders on hand and willing to work with him, he is able to draw on a variety of different styles and skills to complete a job. No order is too small for the team, and they have taken on many bigger projects in the past too. Recently, a customized entertainment center was sold, measuring 144” long and 96” high. This impressive size was matched by an equally impressive price point. Another project that the team is working on is a waterfall live edge bar. Of course, the business is able to cater to any number of needs, with stock items specifically designed for everywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom, from office efficiency to living room luxury. The obvious advantage is a solid construction that will last for years to come. Looking forward, the company anticipates even more growth to match the impressive demand for its exceptional products. The ability to own something that is truly unique holds a special appeal for many, with a quality that far surpasses flatpack furnishings. In all, it’s clear that the appeal of PA Dutch Woodcraft comes from its absolute dedication to attention to detail. The team seems determined to match the timeless appeal of their chosen material with a limitless attitude to how it can be used. It’s the sort of work that can only come from a master craftsman. Contact Details Company: PA Dutch Woodcraft LLC Contact: Allan Fisher Email: [email protected] Telephone: (717) 945-8841 Website: www.padutchwoodcraft.com Best Solid Hardwood Home Furniture Retailer - Delaware County Some materials have a timeless quality, and wood is foremost among these. With a versatility that seems almost endless, it falls to exceptional craftsmen such as those at Pennsylvania Dutch Woodcraft to make the most of it. These Amish artisans have perfected the skill of putting the perfect finish on these products. Following its awards success, we look at the company to showcase the secrets of its success.

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