Home and Garden Awards 2020

2020 Home And Garden Awards BUILD 25 Feb20286 volving out of the hospitality industry, Vero Linens began as a provider of luxurious Italian bed linens to small boutique hotels across the entirety of the United States. However, after a global shortage of cotton in June 2010, which drove the cost up by 446% over the course of six months, the firm quickly realised that it had to modify its business model for the future. Capitalizing on the firm’s capability to produce luxury linens in Italy, coupled with a client appetite for luxury beddings, the team at Vero Linens began to focus on selling its bedding straight to customers, side-stepping and usurping retailers altogether. Not only does this allow people to purchase some of the finest Italian linen currently available in the world, but it enables them to get it at a price that is drastically less than retailers selling comparable quality linens; up to sixty percent less. Thus, the success of Vero Linens that we see today was born. Almost ten years on from the global shortage of cotton, and Vero Linens continues to deliver on its mission of providing customers with the finest bedding available. Whilst many choose to focus on the thread count as a good indicator of quality, given its relative ease as a concept to grasp, there are better ways to tell a good piece of bedding from a great one. Grades of cotton used in bed sheets are actually a better indication of a high-quality sheet, and Vero Linens prides itself on using only the finest grades of long and extra-long staple cotton in its bedding to ensure the best nights sleep for all its customers. On top of the luxurious interiors that Vero Linens provides, the firm also provides the highest levels of quality in the finer details. Those finishing touches can elevate bedding from simply beautiful, to the epitome of elegance. Intimate and intricate detailing has stood the test of time and been recognized as a mark of true quality, especially touches such as hem-stitching, mitered corners, and embroidery. Whilst massive factory machines might be swifter for bulk selling, nothing even comes close to the matchless quality of Vero Linens’ bedding in terms of stitches per inch, and the longevity of the product. Luxury seldom comes cheap, but in the case of Vero Linens, it is absolutely worth it and less expensive than you might initially think. Whilst it will be more expensive than most bedding found in major department stores across the world, the firm’s competitive advantage lies in its price difference to similar-quality bedding from other luxury E Most Luxurious Bed Linen Manufacturer – North America Luxury comes in many forms, but it would be hard to argue that finally slumping into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day is not right up there at the top of the list. Soft and welcoming, a bed is more than just a place to sleep. It is a safe haven from the world; a place of dreams and solace unlike any other. Ensuring every rest, nap, and sleep is as luxurious as the next, is Vero Linens. Following its achievement in becoming the Most Luxurious Bed Linen Manufacturer, we profiled the firm to learn more. retailers. With similar quality bedding selling for almost twice as much as those at Vero Linens, customers have learned to trust the best and save money in the process. The more comfortable a bed, the better people will sleep. Beds can be made infinitely more comfortable through the exceptional down comforters and sleeping pillows that Vero Linens offers. Available in three different warmth levels and totally hypoallergenic, the down comforters can help any customer drift off for the perfect nights’ sleep, whilst the pillows are available in a variety of fills and firmness levels to ensure every head rests easy. All of the down used by Vero Linens is certified by the team at International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory, ensuring no force-feeding or live-plucking of waterfowl in the process. Sleeping on a soft and welcoming bed is something that everyone dreams of, come the end of the working day. Collapsing into that Vero Linens bed linen is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious feelings, as the firm continues to fulfil its mission of providing everybody with the finest bedding available. Contact Details Company: Vero Linens Contact: Steve Coval Website : www.verolinens.com