Home and Garden Awards 2020

2020 Home And Garden Awards BUILD 23 Jan20488 o one understands the value of sleep quite like McRoskey. The brand has proudly built hand-tailored mattresses since 1899, creating the ideal conditions through which its customers wake up transformed after an unsurpassed night’s sleep. Having operated with the classic McRoskey design for the last ninety years, it is only recently that the team has been able to develop an evolution that will move them forward into the next ninety years. This San Francisco brand continues to enjoy a reputation for high- end luxury calling on its insatiable search for materials that matter. Every aspect of McRoskey mattresses from their natural fiber fillings to their coil support systems is thoughtfully considered in order to create the best possible sleeping environment. As more and more people begin to understand the power and importance of restful sleep, customers appreciate the exceptional experience of waking up on a McRoskey. Any mattress is an investment, designed to last for years to come. The approach at McRoskey, therefore, is one of considered progress and movement that utilises the best materials from the US and Europe. The new Modern Collection has been built on the classic McRoskey construction and tailoring techniques, but using new attitudes, innovations and approaches as well. The cradling cotton encased coil system is a worthy alternative to the original coil system, in that it virtually eliminates the transfer of motion. Cashmere, a fine and soft fiber, that is light weight, insulating and moisture wicking, is added as a top layer. Premium eco wool is durable, flame resistant, repels moisture and is comfortable in all seasons. Alpaca, sourced from US small farms, is a sturdy fiber that is light weight with great breathability. It is the thought and consideration that goes into every mattress that makes it world-class and elevates it far above the entry-level approach advocated by ‘bed-in-a-box’ manufacturers. While these companies use cheap substitutes to cut costs, shorten warranty periods to lower expectations and have decreased trial periods from a year to ninety days because of return rates, McRoskey has taken the opposite approach entirely. The McRoskey team are committed to quality, with a warranty of ten years as a starting point for life- changing sleep that surpasses the decade. N Best High-End Luxury Mattress Brand - California When considering what makes a house a home, it’s important to remember how much time is spent sleeping or in bed. Spending this time in comfort and luxury is incredibly important and can make an enormous difference. The quality of the McRoskey has been recognised for its impressive work in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2020, so we dug a little deeper to find out more about this often overlooked, but always essential, aspect of the home. Looking forward, the future seems bright for the team at McRoskey. While changing tariff policies have affected competitors who source mainly from China, McRoskey’s dedication to sourcing primarily from the US and the EU has ensured no disruption in the supply chain. The masterfully crafted mattresses that make up the bedrock of the business seem set to continue on a path of exceptionalism and innovation. It’s a commitment to the little details that not only keeps people happy, but coming back again and again to McRoskey. With an enormous respect for those who seek out their product, the team make sure that they are able to pay this trust back with the best possible sleep. Sleep is such an important part of life, and so many people spend a lot of their time sleeping uncomfortably. Amattress from McRoskey could act as a life-changing opportunity to find a new way to sleep, ready to see the world through refreshed eyes the next day. Contact Details Company: McRoskey Contact: [email protected] Website : www.McRoskey.com

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