Home and Garden Awards 2020

BUILD 2020 Home And Garden Awards 20 Feb20391 iloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari, founder of NBB Design, was a student of law and languages before making a career U-turn into the world of design. Having spent her early days immersed in the culture of architecture and design, she knew that she could find fulfilment in the industry. All Niloufar’s work begins with the client. As far as she is concerned, there is no better place to begin. Interior design, done well, reflects the personality of the person living in the space and so the process must begin there. Similarly, the soul of the space must be respected, and she takes great care to ensure that any work that is undertaken does not go against the natural feel of the location. This client-led approach is wedded to an impressive knowledge of the historical side of interiors and privileged relationship with the art world. Clients always come recommended by other clients as the community that uses Niloufar’s services is very tight and discrete. It means that both parties can be assured that their styles will mesh together, avoiding conflict and encouraging collaboration. A team of skilled interior designers handle every aspect of a project from conceptualisation all the way through to completion. Each project takes into account the knowledge gleamed from the client’s way of living and the location that is to be developed, ensuring an unparalleled level of service. It takes a large team to build the beautiful designs that Niloufar’s team creates, and she had built her own network of experience builders and specialist suppliers that can satisfy any need she might have. This approach is shown incredibly well during her latest project in front of Lake Geneva. The concept behind construction was to develop the shared living areas to best enjoy the gorgeous views, bringing the landscape of the outside, indoors. The redesign of the building N was based primarily on the interpretation of the client’s profile and personality, with NBB values contributing as well. Contemporary furniture was subtly blended with classic aspects in the cornices and joinery details. Other aspects like the client’s formidable art collection were taken into account and placed carefully in different spaces within the house. As the client was relocating from the Middle East, conditions were established to ensure that he was able to retain the warm atmosphere that he was accustomed to. This level of consideration and thinking is natural to the team at NBB Design. Like all projects, this one took separate approaches to the public and private spaces. While public areas vary depending on how often a client will be hosting socially or not, private spaces are an opportunity for the team to create a more intimate atmosphere. Like many businesses, NBB Design has been affected by Brexit, but Niloufar has taken the opportunity to work with clients abroad while the market for interior design solutions has taken a turn. As the political situation settles, projects within London have begun to take off once again. There is great potential for some exciting projects in the capital. For NBB Design, this means expanding its horizons and developing the business’ curatorial and art direction branch. For this, the company intends to undergo a full rebrand, with a new website launched in the coming months. The strength of NBB Design and Niloufar’s work comes from the attentive approach advocated. Drawing on a diverse background of different cultures, NBB Design is the place to go if you want a project undertaken that’s a little different from the norm. Contact Details Company: NBB Design Contact: Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari Website : www.nbbdesign.com Most Unique Turnkey Interior Design Solutions Firm - England The challenge of creating the perfect design for an interior requires the brightest and best in order to balance the needs of the creative and the practical. NBB Design has excelled at this since 1999, gaining experience, knowledge and an impressive reputation that serves it well to this day. We profiled the firm to find out more about how they managed to achieve such amazing success.

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