BUILD - 2019 Home And Garden Awards

Build 2019 Home And Garden Awards Alongside its innovative products, Diresco also offers every client the benefit of its award-winning client service. Whether the team are working with an architect, a designer or a corporate account, they embrace and promote the ‘Genius of Collaboration’, partnering with them to ensure a satisfacto- ry conclusion to every project. The team look to the future together with the client and think about how they can make the project more beautiful, durable and sustainable. After all, the way people live is a direct influence on their existence and wellbeing, and Diresco understand that their products are important to ensuring that users enjoy a happy and healthy life. As such, Diresco is always open to intensive open and far-reaching ways for working together with its clients to create truly unique solutions. As part of its ongoing focus on providing clients with the very best solu- tions possible, Diresco continuously invests in the development of new technology, as well as in the sustainability of its production processes and D-quartz recipes. This extends and guarantees the natural looks and lifespan of its products. Seeking to remain ahead of emerging market developments at all times, Diresco has always been aligned with existing regulatory bodies such as ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems, ISO 9001, GreenGuard, GreenGuard Gold, NSF, and the company is also Intertek certified. Thanks to all of these memberships and certifications Diresco is able to ensure that it provides its clients with products that truly meet their needs in today’s ever-evolving home renovation and construction markets. Over recent years Diresco has been unaffected by any changes in leg- islative or regulatory changes. Next to its Belgian quality trademark, the anti-dumping and unfair trade decision against Chinese quartz in the US is under a significant development, and as such the company is constantly seeking to support its clients in the region to ensure that they receive the very highest possible quality of products. In addition to remaining ahead of emerging market developments, Diresco is also committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technological advancements, because technology is heavily embedded in the compa- ny’s business and product development. As such Diresco is continually advancing its technological understanding and is always implementing new and advanced technology in its manufacturing process. For example, Diresco has developed an optical sorter that sorts 2 tons of quartz every hour and eliminates contamination as small as 0.05mm. Roughly 5%-20% contamination is removed from the highest-grade quartz granulate available. This innovation and others ensure the ongoing success of this dynamic and innovative company. Looking to the future, Diresco is incredibly excited about the future and will continue pushing the boundaries of quartz surfacing. Within the stone surfaces market, Diresco foresees stricter guidelines on use of certain raw materials, an increase in Green and environmentally sound manufacturing technologies and processes, a continuation of customers and professionals enhancing their level of knowledge about the products they purchase, specify and use. As such, over the years ahead it will remain ahead of these developments, creating new and innovative solutions that meet its clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.