BUILD - 2019 Home And Garden Awards

Build 2019 Home And Garden Awards 66 Feng Shui Designer of the Year 2019 - New York S. Lee Wright Ltd. is an holistic interior design practice offering a full range of services including interior architectural design, Feng Shui, project advisory services, decoration, furniture selection and custom design plus holistic design and space clearings. We profile the firm and its Founder to find out more. Alongside the firm’s work supporting clients and providing them with unique services, the firm also provides a range of resources, including public speaking appearances from its Founder. Lee loves what she does and has made it a priority to spread her passion helping people connect with their spaces in meaningful and mindful ways. One of these is to share her passion as much as possible, to whoever is interested in the power of design, sustainability and Feng Shui to make their world a better place. Her books, Feng Shui Tips, Home Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, and Bathroom Renovations were inspired by her years of designing spaces and her desire to help avoid all the costly mistakes and massive stress. Lee also hosts holistic retreats so that clients can embrace their inner calm and learn to live their perfect life in their perfect space. Looking to the future, Lee and the team at S. Lee Wright Ltd. will continue to support clients and offer them a flexible array of services that will meet their ever-evolving needs and exceed their expectations. ith offices in New York and Spain, S. Lee Wright Ltd. is able to support a range of clients internationally, providing them with the benefit of its vast industry experience to create spaces that will stand the test of time. Founder and namesake S. Lee Wright believes that the world will transform into a healthier and happier place once people are realigned with the inter- connection between their interior environments and exterior ones. As such, this is the key focus and personal passion behind her practice and her work. Every project is a creative collaboration between the client and the expert team at S. Lee Wright Ltd., and as such clients know they are in safe hands when they work with this dedicated and innovative team. From Feng Shui through space clearing and beyond, Lee and her team are able to help transform any space into an environment that their clients can be proud of plus enjoy being in a space that literally supports and en- hances their entire life experience. Packages can be customized to include as much or as little support as clients need with Lee’s signature program Design-It-With-You™, and they will work with them from start to finish to ensure total satisfaction. W Dec18587 Company: S. Lee Wright Ltd. Contact: S. Lee Wright Website: blog: www e-store: Join Lee’s tribe and stay in touch. Twitter: Facebook: Linked in: Instagram: Pinterest: