BUILD - 2019 Home And Garden Awards

Build 2019 Home And Garden Awards 60 Best Multi-Disciplinary Architecture Firm – Italy & BUILD Award for Innovation in Urban Regeneration 2019 From its base in Milan, Italy, PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group Srl offers innovative, award-winning architectural services. We profile the firm to find out more and explore how far it has come since inception. and public areas. An independent volume able to self-produce energy, water flow, light, including private villas with gardens in elevation, commercial area and retail units over-facing a central continuous hyperbolic space with a huge public park. This element gives a green breath to the project and a fantastic view different from every floor. The success of this project is a perfect example of PRINCIPIOATTIVO dedication to creating socially proactive architecture that really pushes boundaries. This is a focus on which the entire team is deeply passionate, and as such they are constantly innovating and adopting new techniques into their service offering to create new, unique architecture. The team never wait for things to happen; instead they create teams and shape situations to clients giving different visions and making them real and easy to understand. Curiosity and enthusiasm are central to the firm’s success. Thanks to this approach, PRINCIPIOATTIVO has gained extensive expe- rience in the design of commercial spaces, residential areas, cultural and leisure venues. Seeking to build upon its current success, over the coming years PRINCIPIOATTIVO is going to open a second practice in Genoa, a city in great ferment of renewal and urban regeneration. The opening of new offices will help the firm to be more present in the area and to better manage to dialogue with local administration and operators, as the experience of Milan has taught the team in recent years. Alongside this expansion, the firm is also creating partnerships and extra-Eu- ropean relations with the intention of opening new markets to Russia and a new headquarter in Australia where Orama Factory, the design company owned by PRINCIPIOATTIVO, already has an operational office. This inter- national expansion will help the entire group to grow and flourish, offering many exciting opportunities which the team are keen to take advantage of. stablished in 2007, PRINCIPIOATTIVO is a young, dynamic architecture firm based in Italy. It operates nationally and inter- nationally in collaboration with Orama Factory Lab, an innova- tive hub offering communication and product design services. Today, PRINCIPIOATTIVO has brainstorming at its core, and takes great pride in its collaborative approach. This ensures that all team members work in synergy with clients to achieve results and exceed their expectations, however high. Among the firm’s recent successful projects is its work on Lightray, a mix-use ecosystem structure, multifunctional, flexible, sustainable, hosting different destination use spaces and activities. The project has private, semi-public E Feb19545 Company: PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group Srl Address: Via Melzo 34, 20129 Milano - Italy Telephone Number: +39 0283418490 Web Address: Email: [email protected]