BUILD - 2019 Home And Garden Awards

Build 2019 Home And Garden Awards 58 Recognised Leaders in Accessory Dwelling Unit Construction 2019 - USA prefabADU, part of Valley Home Development, is a San Francisco Bay Area based ADU factory and construction company that builds accessory dwelling units using various prefab methods, including modular and panelized construction. CEO Steve Vallejos provides us with an insight into the firm and the range of innovative solutions it creates. these small affordable units on their property for family of income. Last year alone we were interviewed six times for different media publications. Cities and counties have also done their share of marketing to let homeowners know they are ADU friendly. This has led to a surge of people looking for solutions. “As such, ADU’s are a unique affordable housing product in the California, and there are a number of reasons behind their recent surge in popularity. First, they are something that is built singularly by a homeowner not devel- oped in large numbers by a single entity so there is a lot of hand holding and assurance needed with these folks since this is not something they do every day. Our process guides them through a series of Q&A sessions to determine what product will work best for them, where it can be placed and what features work for their budget.” “As a turn-key solution provider we can support our clients and guide them through the process up front and take a lot of the mystery out of the process. Once the decisions are made then the fun begins. Our prefab building process always provides a happy customer since a lot of the building is done off site and the home goes from foundation to structure that is 50-80% done in a single day. “Last year, 2018, was a great year for the ADU movement and our business. We completed more ADU’s last year that we have done in the previous 3 years combined and this year we are on track to build 100 units with over 40 units already on the schedule for the first half of 2019. Our process al- lows us to complete the building in less than 90 days in most cases. Some of the new products and methods will see us cutting that time down to as little as 45 days this year.” As he looks to the future, Steve foresees even greater success for pre- fabADU, with the company set to continue to innovate and adapt around developments in the ADU market to ensure its ongoing success. “Moving forward, as part of our ongoing focus on providing exceptional quality service, at prefabADU we are constantly exploring new methods of building that improve process and performance while maintaining affordability. Not all products live up to their sales pitch, but some exceed our expectations. Over the coming months we are finalizing our testing of a new building solution that will allow us to build a stronger, better insulated home that addresses several of the biggest disaster issues facing the state and environment, and we are incredibly excited about the opportunities this will offer us.” rawing on over 14 years’ experience, prefabADU has completed over 170 units to date. Unique to the market, the company pro- vides a full turn-key solution in-house. It is this that allows the firm to provide a truly comprehensive service that leverages its vast market experience, as Steve highlights in his initial comments. “Here at prefabADU our goal is to continue to provide an easy, fast and affordable solution to everyone considering adding an ADU to their property. In order to do this, we have to look outside just the normal aspects of product and process and involve ourselves in the legislation changes needed to de- crease ADU regulations while also working on better solutions to ADU finance. “Fortunately for us we have a long history of building these homes and plenty of real data to aid in the necessary improvements to these items. We are working with influential resources like AARP, the American Planning Association, Bay Area Council, UC Berkeley Turner Center, Stanford and so many more to provide real life experiences that help swing the pendulum in favor of the consumer.” Over recent years, ADUs have risen in popularity thanks to their affordability and flexibility, which has offered prefabADU many exciting benefits which Steve outlines for us in more detail. “California is in a housing crisis. We simply do not have enough affordable housing for our residents and this is leading to all sorts of problems for the state and cities within. Since 2017 the ADU market has been getting a lot of attention with passage of new laws making it easier for home owners to build D Jan19011 Company: prefabADU Name: Steve Vallejos - CEO Address: 1111 Western St Suite A2 Telephone Number: 707-429-3300 Web Address: