February 2017

8 BUILD / February 2017 , BuildMagazine speaks to Rachel Whittington of Hinckley-based BurgessCEP, an innovator of architectural interiors, following it being awarded the prestigious title of BIMFirmof the Year UK. The Ceiling’s the Limit! BurgessCEP was formed in 2014, through bringing two leading ceiling system brands together, Burgess AP and CEP. This created a formidable force within the architectural interiors sector with a high pedigree and a strong product portfolio, and has resulted in the widest range of market-leading suspended ceiling tiles, wall panels and acoustic solutions. The company benefits from having production facilities in Staffordshire and Leicestershire which enables ease of deployment and service to its customers nationwide. Its industry-leading range includes: Metal ceiling systems and solutions; mineral ceiling tiles; soft fibre ceiling tiles; gypsum ceiling tiles; acoustic solutions; and ceiling suspension systems. Rachel Whittington of BurgessCEP tells us about the approach used when undertaking a new client or project to always ensure the best possible outcome. “Calling upon our years of expertise and technical capabilities we are able to create a bespoke experience,” she explains. “Treating each project independently we are able to adjust accordingly to their particular requirements and demands. Each project has its own challenges and it is vital that we listen to the client and fulfil the requirements that are directed. In undertaking a project, we adhere to a stringent process to enable us to highlight and define these requirements and make recommendations best suited to them.” It is not simply this tailored approach that sets the company apart from the competition and marks it out as the best option for clients, as Rachel embellishes. “It is a combination of 120 years proven sector knowledge and expertise, as well as the extensive range of products specifically developed to meet and exceed demands. “A very strong and highly experienced technical team gives us the ability to adapt to any brief or design challenge. The team thrives on new challenges that not only test its knowledge and skill but the depth and extent of our product ranges. The ranges are under constant scrutiny to ensure that they meet the exacting regulations and standards that this particular sector demands.” Within the wider industry, the company’s knowledge and expertise are well-known. Its extensive website holds vast amounts of product information and is readily accessible - an asset that BurgessCEP wishes to utilise greatly in the forthcoming year. The firm is also a member of trade associations such as FIS; boasts a full complement of approved RIBA CPDs; and is one of the first ceiling manufacturers to list its products on the BIM library. “Our overall aim as a company is to service all parts of the project cycle,” says Rachel. “Whether it be to commercial effect, technical/acoustic requirements or aesthetics, which are a key part in all of our undertakings. Most importantly we want our customers to enjoy not only trading with us but also our strong work ethics. “Strong investment in the RND of our products and the continual training of our technical team ensures that we are the best within our field and hopefully have that competitive edge. This investment is crucial for us to maintain our success, which is reflected in the strong portfolio of products that we have to date.” With many successful projects under its belt, it is difficult for Rachel to focus on just one. “We have completed many high profile projects this year, all of the following projects encompassed all of our core skills, Bespoke Design, Project Management, Technical delivery, utilising our broad range of products: KIA concept London, Sovereign Square Leeds, HMP Wrexham, Garnock Campus, Marr College, 1 Tower Bridge, 45 Cannon Street, 5 Churchill Place, Farnborough Business Park, City Lights Paris, UOB Swimming Complex, Blackpool UTC, 6 EP Leeds, 25 Fenchurch, Astra Zeneca.” With regards to the future, BurgessCEP is strongly positioned to take 2017 head- on, despite the air of economic uncertainty which currently surrounds the UK. “This year will continue to be a challenge as we see the effects of Brexit, but every year is an opportunity to learn, strengthen, develop and focus on our strengths and to use those to our advantage,” declares Rachel. “We have numerous projects that are on-going over the course of the year, including Rue de Colisee and R7, which all provide their own challenging and demanding circumstances. “We have future product developments for 2017 that will be launched midway through the year. We are also looking at the integration of LED lighting into our older Clipin systems, to eradicate the need to replace the whole ceiling. Our forward- thinking strategy looks at the long-term to enhance our service offering to the client and ultimately future-proof it. The longevity of the ceiling has outlived lighting technology!” 1701BU17

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