Build Executive Awards 2016

Build 2016 Executive Awards 6 & C Construction started with humble beginnings in October of 1993, establishing a goal of developing lasting relationships by being honest, fair and loyal, and by upholding high moral standards with everyone that they do business with. Through this endeavour, they have found that the greater percentage of their cus- tomers choose to use their services repetitively. In addition, and of equal importance, P&C have found that this same approach works well with their employees, subcontractors, material suppliers, regulatory agencies and their peers. The company philosophy indeed places a high value in deeply-rooted philosophy and faith. First and foremost, P&C’s mission statement seeks loyalty and truthfulness to God, and this mantra signifies a wider introduction of a code of conduct that determines to provide a safe workplace guided by honesty and integrity: • to treat each individual with respect regardless of race, colour or nation- ality; • to provide a drug and alcohol-free work environment; • to provide a safe work place for employees, customers and associates; • to conduct all business with the highest degree of morality and ethics; • to use language suitable for all. These objectives make P&C especially keen to remain accountable to their clients, and to offer them a consistent level of service that they know that these clients expect and deserve. By instituting a business plan and structure with the aforementioned mission, P&C have been blessed with moderate growth through its years since inception. Further to this, they have had opportunities for growth that would have taken them well beyond their comfort zone, but have chosen instead to restrain themselves from jumping in too deep; P&C has continued to uphold a commitment to their customers, to offer the level of service that they feel proud with. “Our growth, although moderate, has been strong, secured by financial stability through conscientious and sensible business practices, good moral values, and the faith of the Almighty God,” states Royce Cornelison. In addition to P&C’s capabilities in general construction, they work with many customers on an ongoing basis performing maintenance in industrial, commercial, medical, educational, and retail applications. “At P&C,” says Royce, “we continually strive to maintain a good working relationship with our customers, our staff of experienced craftsmen, subcontractors, architects, engineers, building officials, and our suppliers. We have building systems available from many steel building manufacturers. We offer full service to the owner including pre-construction planning, design, budgeting, building construction, green building, and facilities management.” Royce continues, “during our blessed years of continued growth, we have weathered storms of financial hardships in our early years, the lack of acknowledgement of our peers, subcontractors, financial institutions, customers, and many other obstacles along the way. Although seemingly impractical at the time, our focus continued to be on the mission that we started with, of honesty, integrity, fairness to all, and high morality. Through all of this, we have seen many companies, with stronger financial backing, start up and then fall by the wayside. “Understanding our environment, the regions and communities we serve and, most of all, the people with whom we associate from day to day, affords us a greater ability to provide the services desired. To accomplish this, we feel it is necessary, as far as is practical, to stay informed of the latest technologies, codes and regulations, as well as the trends and developments taking place in our surroundings, to provide the best overall service to our constituency and the communities we serve. It is with this understanding that we can offer a client value and security in being able to take a project from dream to concept to design and, finally, completed construction. “Because of these attributes, we can offer design/build solutions, as well as construction management and conventional design/bid/build avenues of construction services.” P&C are very pleased to be located in the beautiful scenic city of Chatta- nooga, Tennessee, which allows them superior access to and the ability to offer services to the entirety of the Southeast region of the United States – branching out from the so-named ‘Volunteer State’ into neighbouring Florida, Alabama and Carolina – promptly and proficiently. According to Royce, the continued objective remains absolute. “We are committed to the continued growth and prosperity of the region, by striving to offer customer satisfaction that is second to none.” Best Full-Service Construction Company CEO - Tennessee P&C Construction is a minority-owned corporation, licensed through the entire South-Eastern USA. Their focus is primarily on Commercial and Industrial Construction & Service applications, and they always welcome challenging opportunities to work with clients on any of their construction service needs. Steady growth has allowed P&C to expand its services to include construction management, commercial and residential works, green building, tenant build-outs, and historical, industrial and medical outfits, among many others, making for one entirely holistic service. P EB160006