Build Executive Awards 2016

2016 Executive Awards Build 4. Architecture WK ltd Best Architecture Company Owner - South England Best Residential Architecture Project: The Green House 6. P&C Construction Best Full-Service Construction Company CEO - Tennessee 8. Pacific Building Best Fit-Out & Construction Company MD - Scotland 10. Place Builders Inc. Best Residential Construction Company President - Midwest USA The Winners Are... Welcome to the 2016 Executive Awards Companies from across the construction and property have a vital part to play in shaping the world we live in. Although everyone working within these crucial sectors has an important role, none is more so than the Executive Officers, on whose shoulders lies the responsibility for the success of every project undertaken. As such we have designed the 2016 Executive Awards to recognise and celebrate the construction and property industry, its crucial companies and their Executive Officers. The awards programme aims to highlight the achievements of those responsible for organising, maintaining and influencing the built environment, whilst distinguishing the industry’s diversity and significance. From construction companies and architecture firms through to estate agents, finance providers and maintenance providers, firms from across the industry and around the world are eligible for these awards: the one unifying factor must be their commitment to excellence and their determination to succeed.