Build Executive Awards 2016

Build 2016 Executive Awards 10 elieve it or not, I actually first learned about my business at the kitchen table listening to my father talk about his day. And even at a young age, I was on job sites and watching the homes come together. Even from those early stages, I knew that this was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This experience was invaluable for me, as I’m a firm believer in learning from the bottom up. The only way to absorb the business is to know each and every facet of the business, and this is exactly my experience. At Place Builders Inc, we’re just a close-knit family. Everyone knows what they are responsible for and does their job. Our sub-contractors and suppliers have been with us for years, and they are like family to all of us. We respect each and everyone of them for what they do and genuinely appreciate every one of them. I think our customers see it too and it helps them through the process. Ultimately, our mission is to provide quality building throughout the Michiana area. We focus on superior customer service and provide value pricing for every home. It is very busy right now in our region, and we want to be the business of choice in our area. In order to achieve this, we provide a very personalised service for our clients. We sit down with every prospect to find out what they want, listen to each and every detail and try to meet all their expectations. But it doesn’t stop there. After the sale, communication is key, and we also service homes if it’s justified after the warranty period. This is greatly appreciated by our clients and in turn remember that and tell their friends and family. 2016 has been a very exciting year for us as I am in the process of transi- tioning towards my son taking over the business. We have numerous pieces of land we’re looking at to develop and build, and have also expanded our build radius. Our success is something we are extremely grateful for and cherish every day. The recession in our country was severe and a lot of good companies went out of business. It was tough going for us too. But thanks to the confi- dence of our banks, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers, we survived. We would like to share the success of this award with them, and for getting us to where we are today. Best Residential Construction Company President - Midwest USA Specializing in custom homes, Place Builders Inc. are a fourth-generation family business. We caught up with Andrew W. Place Sr, to find out more about his company, and how they have succeeded for so long. B EB160004