2021 Eco Excellence Awards

BUILD Eco Excellence Awards 2021 10 upkeep, and eventual demolition and removal without exception. Alnatura working environment in the city of Darmstadt has reached an architectural milestone in terms of sustainability, material efficiency, openness, and new ways of working in an office building. It offers special features such as the use of an innovative rammed-earth façade and it is the first worldwide instance of using geothermal wall heating. Also remarkable is the sound-absorbing wooden lamella ceiling, which spans the atrium and the entirely open office space. STUDIO2050’s team strives to think and act politically, to get involved where they can and develop their own initiative. For the firm, the issue of a CO2-neutral future is the driving force behind every type of architecture – and the reason the firm is called STUDIO2050. It is therefore absolutely necessary that the firm not only screens out new possibilities in the sense of current legislation, but that its architects are obliged to show ways in which they must act outside the legislation and how they must influence it so the goal can be achieved. Ultimately, with its architecture, STUDIO2050 wants to create a human environment. Architecture should only serve society and should not determine it. The firm works to create spaces for people to develop, so they are sustainable for the user as well. It is important to consider future generations and when its architects design, they obsessively have the future in mind. STUDIO2050 is now planning to stick to its goals. It is fortunate to have found more clients who want to pursue projects with it over the next few years, which means the firm can look forward to the next year positively. Company: haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 Contact: Lynn Mayer Email: [email protected] . Website: www.haascookzemmrich.com he success of each project by STUDIO2050 is dependent on the quality of communication between the respective members of the design team. The firm is fortunate to be able to draw on strong working relationships forged from 20 years’ experience of working closely together with some of the finest consultants in the world. These include Schlaich Bergermann & Partner, Buro Happold, Knippers Helbig, Werner Sobek, Atelier 1, Pfefferkorn & Partner, as well as the environmental consultants Transsolar Klima-Engineering. STUDIO2050 presently has a workforce of 40, working on a variety of projects in Germany, Italy, Lativa, China and Oman. On all projects, it employs state-of-the-art design and communication tools, ensuring seamless and efficient transfer of information. The firm pursues an architecture that permanently enriches people’s lives, offers meaningful innovation and, besides merely fulfilling their functions, provides tangible cultural added value. As architects, STUDIO2050 considers itself duty bound to look beyond design and planning with the realisation of sustainable buildings. Furthermore, as both founder and board member of the DGNB (German Green Building Council), STUDIO2050 pursues each commission as a potential flagship project. As a co-founder of the DGNB and other initiatives, STUDIO2050’s founders are part of an extensive network within an innovative, sustainable architecture. STUDIO2050 invites experts from various disciplines, such as sociologists, energy consultants and materials researchers to help reveal new approaches to the development and implementation of sustainable architecture. During one of STUDIO2050’s projects, which was for the Alnatura working environment and campus, it overcame several challenges. The firm’s team began by sitting down with the client who didn’t have a plot of land or a draft, and set out to define a criteria to achieve. Alnatura’s corporate philosophy is “meaningful for the people and the environment”. STUDIO2050 accompanied this narrative scientifically – it has proven that CO2 neutrality can only be achieved with certain materials. The design of the Alnatura working environment explored many new design avenues. Not only did the planning team assess the energy that would be needed to operate the building, but they critically received all resources required for the construction, Best Global Environmentally- Friendly Architecture Firm 2021 The Stuttgart-based architectural practice, haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 was established in 2012 under the leadership of the founding partners, Martin Haas, David Cook and Stephan Zemmrich. It offers a full range of architectural design and planning services, from master planning through to interior and graphic design services. On all projects, the firm works closely with the most experienced specialist consultants in striving for the highest standards of quality. T Nov21399