Design & Build Awards 2023

24 BUILD Design & Build Awards 2023 Sep23280 n 1974, Eurocell was established under a different name as a plastics extrusion business. Over the next several decades, it would go on to attain both organic growth and expansion by acquisition, resulting in its significant transformation. First, in 1988, the group underwent a management buyout, which led to the launch of its first brand of building products in 1991. A decade later, in 1998, a 75% stake in the company was acquired by Tessenderlo Holdings, part of a larger manufacturer and distributor of chemicals, plastics, and gelatines. The remaining 25% was acquired by the same entity in 2003. Under the ownership of Tessenderlo, Eurocell went on to successfully acquire and integrate a multitude of complementary businesses, including Brunel Plastics in 2006, then Peninsula Plastics, Plastmo Profiles, and Cavalok Building Products in 2008. Moreover, in 2009, Eurocell acquired the Deeplas brand as well as Merritt Plastics, a post-consumer PVC-U recycling and extrusion company. In the wake of this acquisition, the group invested approximately £3 million in a new recycling facility, aiming to boost the supply of recycled materials from waste PCV-U window frames to its extrusion facilities. This would decrease the cost of materials and increase production flexibility. In 2013, Eurocell was acquired from the Tessenderlo Group by the H2 Fund, enabling it to operate as an independent business. In March 2015, it was successfully listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. Today, Eurocell operates through two divisions, which define the key routes to market for its range of products. These are the Profiles division and the Building Plastics division. Firstly, Eurocell’s Profiles division works to manufacture extruded rigid PVC profiles and foam PVC products. In this, the group uses virgin PVC compound, the largest component of which is resin. The group’s rigid products also include recycled PVC compound, produced at its market-leading recycling facilities. Eurocell offers its rigid PVC profiles to a national network of third-party fabricators, who produce windows, trims, cavity closer systems, patio doors, and conservatories for their customers. Generally, fabricators come under one of four different categories, defined by their customer base. Trade frame fabricators supply to tradesmen or small retail outlets, new build fabricators supply to housebuilders, commercial fabricators supply to customers I with office spaces and educational facilities, and retail fabricators sell through their own retail operations. Typically, fabricators work from production facilities that are customised to the window or door system they make. This means that they are likely to purchase their profiles from a single supplier, enabling Eurocell to build a loyal client base with stable repeat business. Eurocell’s Profiles division also creates branded foam PVC products that are used for roofline. Furthermore, thanks to its acquisition of S&S Plastics, Vista, and Ecoplas, the group’s Profiles division is able to supply plastic injection moulded products and services, offer a range of composite and PVC entrance doors, and recycle PVC windows. Eurocell’s Building Plastics division is focused on distributing its foam PVC roofline products and Vista doors, as well as a range of ancillary products, including sealants, tools, and windows made by third parties using products manufactured by the Profiles division. These offerings are distributed through a network of installers, small and independent builders, house builders, and nationwide maintenance companies. It also provides roofline products to independent wholesalers. For Eurocell, sustainability is truly a priority. The group boasts the UK’s largest PVC-U recycling operation, with a closed-loop recycling system in which waste is collected, reprocessed, and used to create new products. In 2022, it is proud to have used 16,700 tonnes of recycled PVC-U in its operations. Furthermore, almost a third of its manufactured products now include recycled materials, which is an impressive accomplishment. For this reason, it is no surprise that Eurocell plc has been awarded Best PVC-U Manufacturer & Recycler, UK, in the Design & Build Awards 2023. We are delighted to congratulate the group on this achievement and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Helen Godsiff Company: Eurocell plc Web Address: Eurocell: The UK’s Best PVC-U Manufacturer and Recycler Headquartered in Alfreton, Derbyshire, Eurocell plc is the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor, and recycler of PVC-U window, door, conservatory, and roofline systems. The group offers the widest product range of any single brand, has an impressive annual turnover of £380 million, and employs more than 1200 people throughout the country. For its continued excellence, Eurocell has been awarded Best PVC-U Manufacturer & Recycler, UK, in the Design & Build Awards 2023.