Design & Build Awards 2023

15 Design & Build Awards 2023 BUILD Q2 2023 BUILD 17 seamlessly with other design software and BIM tools, allowing for a smooth workflow and enhanced collaboration between teams. Its main software platforms are hsbDesign for Revit® and hsbDesign for AutoCAD®, hsbMake, and hsbShare. These programmes can streamline the design, detail manufacture and assembly process, and improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. This results in faster turnaround times, reduced costs, and improved quality. hsbcad’s solutions are flexible, and can be used for a wide range of wood construction projects from small scale residential homes to large commercial buildings. It has advanced 3D modelling capabilities allowing for visualisations of designs in real-time. This feature helps designers to identify any potential issues and make the requisite changes before production begins. This saves both time and money for clients. As a software company serving the timber and construction market, hsbcad is both extremely aware of and committed to sustainability. It always aims to reduce the waste in construction, and minimise the environmental impact of the offsite construction industry. These are commitments aligned with its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. Its approach is rooted in practicalities, with the company developing software solutions that allow offsite residential and non-residential construction companies to optimise their practices. Reducing waste and improving sustainability of operations is always an aim when working with both builders and construction companies. hsbDesign, hsbcad’s innovative base platform for design toolsets such as hsbTimber, hsbStickFrame, hsbRoofElement, and more. A fully flexible solution, it completely does away with unwanted repetitions associated with 2D and 3D design. Using the hsbConsole interface, users can group together common parts so they can share the same configuration, and navigate their model with ease. New levels of clarity, detail, and engagement are possible when it comes to visualising 3D models. Then there is hsbMake, hsbcad’s software solutions optimise production and reduce waste, which can enable a paperless working environment by eliminating the need for printing drawings to be exchanged in the factory. Everything is available on a screen, with this cutting-edge platform providing a complete view of how the factory is running, identifying limitations and potential bottlenecks in the workflow and ensuring production efficiency. Also available with this platform are solutions such as hsbClientCNC, hsbClient Manual, hsbBOMLink, hsbMultiWall, and more. Lastly, hsbShare serves as the base for the hsbLogistics and hsbStacking toolsets, and brings together project data into a digital twin cloud platform, making it accessible from anywhere by any stakeholder. This provides project documents in a paperless offsite experience, allowing the control of all collaborations, whether issue tracking, document sharing, or model viewing. Users have an enhanced visual experience through interactive 3D viewing with capabilities including rotate, zoom, dimension, search, and more. As a result, information flow is optimised and fewer mistakes are made. For more information about each of these eco-friendly and efficiency enhancing solutions, please visit the hsbcad website. Ultimately, there’s no denying how hsbcad is fantastically forward-thinking, with a collaborative mindset now having earned it a prestigious accolade within the Design & Build Awards 2023. This success is befitting of a company that’s breaking boundaries in technology, and bridging the gap from creative ideas to project execution. Company: hsbcad Web Address: “hsbcad’s approach to sustainability is rooted in innovation, with the company developing software solutions that allow offsite residential and non-residential construction companies and builders to optimise their practices, reduce waste, and improve the sustainability of their operations. The company’s software solutions are designed to help customers achieve their sustainability goals while also improving their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.”