Design & Build 2021

81 Design & Build 2021 BUILD 37 Q2 Beautiful Italian Design Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia (UPA Italia) is a leading architecture firm with a passion for and expertise in bringing the timeless beauty of Italian architecture to a growing number of clients around the world, through the creation of beautiful yet practical buildings complemented by Italian interior design that breaks the mould and pushes boundaries. ased in Milano, UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri Architecture operates internationally and has been engaging in complex architectural projects for more than 20 years, working in different geographical areas with diverse cultures, leading to the firm becoming cultural mediators able to combine the charm and elegance of Italian design. The firm prides itself on its international and multi-ethnic culture; it is essential for the success of its projects and a richness to have people from different cultures with different points of view working in the studio together. UPA Italia was founded as “the Italian signature of the UPA Group”, especially to develop the high-quality architecture and complexity of engineering, interior design and master planning with Italian design style and quality, and since 2009, it has been closely connected with UPA Abu Dhabi in a stable partnership. UPA Italia and UPA Group have received design and development assignments for various projects across Europe (Italy and Russia), in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar and Jordan), in the Caribbean area (Antigua) and in Asia (Uzbekistan). B Jan21500 The firm has solidified its expertise for a range of architecture and interior design requirements, including residential buildings and villas, healthcare buildings, educational institutions, sports and leisure facilities, wellness spas, auditoriums and theatres, as well as restaurants. The design and construction of a building is a long and complicated process; it must be efficient and comfortable to use, while being visually pleasing, technologically advanced and flexible for future changes. UPA Italia’s strength is being able to satisfy the client’s unique vision, combined with a love for design, while mediating and evaluating the needs of the other stakeholders within the project. However, in recent years, and now due to COVID, the firm has been dealing with more private clients and private companies and working less within the public sector. The construction industry is evolving rapidly within Europe and Italy, but there are many things that will have to rethought that were once taken for granted. There have been big changes in many areas, including less use of office spaces and instead working from home, ordering food delivery instead of going to restaurants, and shopping online instead of visiting commercial spaces; the challenge is to interpret correctly the changes and to be able to offer innovative services that can be exploited in a more profitable way and with less economic and social losses. The firm has also been affected by being unable to travel, so it has had to reconsider its traditional commercial, marketing and working approach. For a firm with most of its projects abroad, this is quite a complication. Currently, it is turning its attention to a totally different and more focused approach on social media channels, web presences, content creation, content marketing and exploring new virtual design possibilities remotely. Right now, UPA Italia is making a path of market diversification after a very strong partnership of more ten years mainly oriented towards the Middle Eastern market with UPA Abu Dhabi. As for its reference market, in addition to the goal of regaining the Russian market with a commercial presence in Moscow. The firm is also focused on rebranding its studio in order to create a revitalised image, putting authentic and genuine Italian design at the forefront. Company: Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia Contact: Paolo Lettieri Website: