Design & Build 2021

79 Design & Build 2021 BUILD 48 BUILD Q2 2021 Feb21645 Redeveloping the Nerve Centres of Mexico City Cimet Arquitectos is a revolutionary and contemporary modern architecture company operating out of Mexico City. It has become notorious in its region for its work creating magnificent buildings that become fundamentally integral to the infrastructure of the region. ringing Mexico City into the future of architectural design, Cimet Arquitectos is elevating the standards of work in its field one project at a time. Specialising in big landmark projects that challenge the pre-existing norms of its sector and bring a new perspective to the city it calls home, it rescues buildings that require specialist renovations and tender loving care. Cimet Arquitectos is doing ground- breaking work breathing new life into the city’s most dilapidated areas, fuelling the rejuvenation of them to encourage the good health of the rest of the city. Its professionalism and enthusiasm for the reuse of real estate is what makes its strength in the development and reuse of real estate so poignant, and what has allowed it to accomplish so many projects to the lofty standards it has. Its capabilities also range widely from corporate offices to vertical residential housing. The firm itself has been able to develop and refine its processes over many years of experience in this way. What’s more, this experience runs in the family; the father and son duo who currently direct the firm’s success have been in the business for over 40 years. Their combined knowledge of architectural design, real estate development, and construction is second to none in their region, and they have become widely lauded as a leader of industry. The overall objective of Cimet Arquitectos has always been to generate positive impact in cities that need it, and thusly we see how they achieve it: with the application of comprehensive knowledge and impeccable skill. Wherever they make their mark with projects, they seek first and foremost to implement measures of encouraging sustainable wellbeing for the community. Therefore, their work is not only architecturally innovative, it is long-lasting, and will serve the surrounding area for a very long time without need for further intervention. Alongside this, it has also developed landmark projects that put this studio on the map. One of its most signature developments was The Glorieta Insurgentes Tower, the current home to the Attorney General’s Office and a winner of the Architecture Masterprize. This building was an urban rescue turned into a masterclass of what investment and creativity could turn a struggling area into. The Glorieta Insurgentes Tower has become known as ‘urban acupuncture’ for Mexico City. A shot in the arm for the surrounding area’s subsequent redevelopment and healing, Cimet Arquitectos transformed it from a space still reeling from the impacts of an earthquake long passed, to a local hub. B It approached this project with an attitude of ‘no limit’ close to its heart, staunchly maintaining its belief in its city and its work until the dream was realised. It is now a landmark and testament to elegant and timeless design, incorporating Cimet Arquitectos’ intelligent building infrastructure – including technologies to control climate, lighting, water features, and elevators. Its current work in progress is an 18-storey office building on the roundabout of Cibeles, and it is excited to be able to unveil this when it is done. It is also currently in the middle of major renovation and rebuild projects, bringing these buildings up to new regulation levels. Cimet Arquitectos would like to thank its supporters and partners for their continued investment, looking forward to continuing its good work as it moves into the future – all the while promising that it will bring Mexico City with it. Company: Cimet Arquitectos Contact: Yoram Cimet Pasol Website: